If It Won’t Float

To be conscious in a new way, you must become privately passionate about your thinking.



Men invented the different time zones to help account for his diversity of development.  It was only later that the dense began to believe it had something to do with naval navigation.  And a rabbi and big-game hunter said, “We knew that!”



Ship Builder’s Tip:

Remember, if it won’t float it can always be turned into an institution.
(How do you think that Noah and Neural-Geology got so popular?)



Act Three – Scene Three:

“Well, if thinking alone won’t take me where I want to go, then what will?”

“Do you know exactly where it is that you’re wanting to go?”


“Then what the hell kinda question is that!?”

“Well, it’s my question – have you got a better one?”

“Hey…cut…hold it right there, where’s the director, where’s my agent?  Who do you have to sleep with around here to get out of this production?”

“That’s a pretty old joke.”

“Yeah, you got me there, so maybe we should just stop and think about all this except for my original question about whether thinking alone will ever take us anywhere.”

“Oh, Mister Prop Man – yoo hoo – would you please get my agent on the phone.”



Once, in a drama, my role diverged, and I – I tried the one less traveled by and that decision has, to say the fucking least, made all the difference you could ever imagine –baby!



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