Boffo Headlines Make A Comeback

And lo, the cry went out, “Let there be more talk and less entertainment!”  (Thus it was, for example, that Bach was terminated and critics brought on-line.)



And, “Ahh,” they contentedly sighed, “History bears us out once again.”  As behind their backs, History chuckled as it straightened on its morning coat, awaiting indeed to, “Bear them out,” but not in a manner intended by their words.



Sang a man, near a willow:  “If home is where the heart is, then my head is in my heart.”



Then, looking back on it all, the young-Jack-in-Us-All, enthralled: “I should have known that days long gone saw the last of the magical beans.”



Flash:  Boffo Headlines Make Comeback:

When many mortal performers reach maturity and see where the production’s headed, they’ll make their voice sound real gruff, and say, “Somebody get my agent on the phone – and I mean NOW!”  (Okay gang, the good news is that everyone’s been held over for another week – of course, that’s also bad news.)



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