Plane Ride

Every man IS an island – and everybody else, his beaches.

At least once a year, all local realities send out this coded message:
“Don’t pick on ME – and I won’t pick on you.”

A kid asked his ole man:

“Since everybody seems to realize that the basis of knowledge is ignorance, how come they don’t apply this in thinking about sanity?”  (“And now for all you passengers in First Class, as we await the Sky Caps to present the wine, and as we circle Newark, let’s play a game.  Now someone tell me what did the ole man reply?  And the first one to correctly guess gets to jump out of the plane at no additional charge!”)

And as some other “court business” was going on, the King leaned over to his Prime Minister and whispered, “Is there some way we could tax people for talking-to-themselves?”

Never before revealed “Cosmic Pillow-Talk”:

The primary whispered:  “Forever is a long-g-g time.”
And the secondary replied:  “Not-t-t long enough!”

Having a pet: The supreme, “domination trip.”


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