Tight Muscles, Loose Mind

The primary world takes actions for words;
while the secondary takes words for words,
and figures that, eventually,
actions should become so also.

One man named his mind “Floyd.”  He said that his particular selection wasn’t all that significant; that the important thing was just to be on a “first name basis.”

The Maintenance Man, who had worked in the building for many years, said that the only thing left about him now that still impresses him, is the severity of the headaches he sometimes gets.  As we were leaving, his wife said that, “If you live around here long enough, you’ll die.”  And as we were getting back on the bus, our tour guide said, “Friends, whole religions have been started on less…a LOT LESS!”

As the children would leave the house each morning, the mother would slap them all on the back and exhort, “Remember, tight muscles, loose mind!”

Just as soon as the atmosphere had cooled, the seas resided and the land mass formed; the dense came together and quickly decided, “We’ve got to get organized to be sure we don’t get duped.”


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