The Mirror (Holiday Edition)

There was once a man whose greatest desire was to, “See Far Away Places,” (and you’re gonna find this hard to believe), yet in spite of this professed, overwhelming desire, he mostly just stared at his own insides.

Can you fathom such foolishness?  He didn’t keep his inner eye on distant horizons, but, rather constantly, let it sag, droop, go limp and lapse into a meaningless staring at itself.  Talk about a promising undertaking!

Ask yourself:  What benefits and discoveries might ensue from a mirror looking at itself?!  What would it expect to find there – but itself, its own reflection?  What else possibly could it see?  Nothing!  If just the mirror “looks in” then all it will ever see is itself – “looking back.”  What is that ever going to prove or accomplish?!

(Please note:  What has just been said has nothing whatsoever to do with the so-called, “Attempts to Awaken and Achieve Enlightenment.”  Really, I’m quite serious – it doesn’t – really.)


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