Sleep Tight

You might say that the intellectual aspect of This-Kinda-Stuff is like a multiple choice quiz, wherein ALL the answers are correct…(and then some).

The Motto of one particular galaxy:
It Makes Everyone Feel Good To Do Their Job.”

There are ways to go down a one way street the wrong way:
One:     Know a trick.
Two:    Know the chief of police.
Three:  Don’t mind body damage to your vehicle.

Part Two:  There are ways to go down a one way street the wrong way without suffering any
body damage: 
One:  Know a trick.
Two:  Know another trick.

All right, go over to that booth and try on this one:  you’re not doing it right if you don’t live in the upper areas of a multi-storied structure, and if you don’t think you periodically see someone looking in your window.

The first guy says, “I only hum the familiar.” 
And he replies, “Hey, do I know me or what?”
(That’s right, guys – there was no second guy involved.)

Hey, if you don’t tell yourself to “sleep tight” – who will?


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