Take ‘Em Like You Find ‘Em

That gentleman over there was overheard to say, “Our modern travails do not concern me all that much.  Two, three thousand years ago, as soon as the gods began talking about themselves, I knew we were done for.”

Primary enticements need no fashion or beauty advice, and certainly require no cosmetic surgery.  (You take ‘em like you find ‘em and vice versey.)

The state with its own religion just about has it covered.  To completely protect its power base, all that’s left is to stamp out life.

Two City professors, sitting in the park during lunch hour: first one says, “As far as I am concerned, Romanticism was the beginning of the end.”  He took a bite of his bologna and added, “Except, of course, for the Romantics.”

“Remember,” said the thrifty ole sorehead, (and with, I suspect, no notion of ironic metaphor in mind); “Remember, me boy, you can have cake and eat it too if you don’t mind having ‘eaten cake.’”

Once the newly arrived was in his room, the Host, (or bell boy, it’s sometimes hard to tell), said, “Go ahead and unpack.”  And the traveler replied, “All I brought was my mind.”  “All the same,” he said, “feel free to unpack.”


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