One-Way Ticket

If the irrelevant is not meaningful to you, then you’re part of the irrelevant.

This one person recently wrote me and said he’s certain that he has at least partially “found me out”…he says that anyone who can simply “play around with words” like I do can seem to be intelligent…Part of the fun in being found out is in being partially found out.

In another place exists an unusual travel agent who sells one-way tickets.  You may ask, “What’s unusual about that?” so let me tell you the dual singularities of the enterprise.  First, they sell ONLY one-way tickets, and second, the tickets are guaranteed to be unconditionally, absolutely, irreversibly – ONE WAY.

After years of concern and much reflection regarding the kid’s active physical life, yet inattention to his intellectual growth, the father one day grabbed him firmly by the shoulders, looked him deeply in the eyes, and said, “Son, you can exercise all you want to.”

Along with his patent application, he enclosed a cover letter that said, if needed, he had in his basement a full working model of Jonathan Swift.


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