“Good Luck”

Without traitors and spies the wars could not go on…(After dark, parts of all dry armies, are wet.)

At three-fifteen one day, the father said to the son, “It’s good that we can have these little chats.”  And the kid replied, “Yeah, but good for who?” …The old man looked far off toward the distance and said, “You still don’t get it, do you?”

The people continue to use rituals as a secondary way to have some experience of the heroic adventure.  The real revolutionist looks upon this as a fading family photo album.

In yet another example of that dreamed-of attempt to upset the normal balance of the planet, one guy had this notion:  He wanted everyone who believed as he did to get together in one place, on the same side of the world, and on a given signal everyone suddenly think the same thing.

A strong man and a fool will both wish their opponents “Good Luck.”

…(Someone else will also.)


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