Warn Me Once, Warn Me Twice

Any source that will warn you twice may not have your best interests inherent in its programming.

If you were to ever find yourself in a place where time was not on everyone’s side, then rest assured, it would be on NO one’s.

The Revolutionist’s graduate program is in recognizing that the forces that drive all of life “out there,” are the same ones that power all of his “in here.”

In the operational mythology of a here-D world, error keeps truth compact, and evil keeps good from flying apart.

A certain father, upon the second departure of his grown progeny, offered the following verbal, going-away-snack-lit-a-sack: “My genetic extension, if your concern over acquiring certain info is still on the basis of, ‘what good will it do me?’ then the good stuff I doknow won’t do you any good.”


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