If the Biblical deluge had been of words, and not water, what then might Noah have taken aboard?



Read by a City poet who said that “the surest way to a woman’s heart is by way of pity.”  It must have worked, since Men have adopted a similar tack regarding their gods.  (What will humans think of next…if anything?)



One harried City-ite confided to me that, during one especially restless night, he heard his brain say to him not to worry, that it was “just passing through.”



Everyone’s about the same distance away.  (Unless you’re doing it wrong again.)



Last weekend at that little tavern just off the main City park, I overheard this gent at a nearby table announce, “Well at least I do not engage in exaggerated claims; in fact I make fewer exaggerated claims than any man, woman, or priest who’s ever lived at any time or place in history.”


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