Those Who Know, Know

Those who know, know,
and those who don’t, argue.



Approaching the windward side of the Bushes, I heard a voice cry out, “I would rather be wrong with a Real Revolutionist than be right with a band of angels, a flock of philosophers, and a herd of gods.”


Is it not droll, if not interesting, how, as their hormones are running down, many men discover the profit AND the ability to curb their tempers and appetites.



“Bilateral, interlocked appeasement, say I, IS the solution,” proclaimed the member of the Senate,  “And further, say I – what IS bilateral interlocked appeasement?”



A fairly intelligent Man was once assailed thusly, “You only skim over the surface of ordinary human affairs.”  And to himself, he mused, “Well, you skim over whatever’s available…the surface is all there is, ole sport.”


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