The Acts and the Facts

In one peculiar kingdom, the two prevailing political factions were called the Abrupt and Gradual parties.  (Some years later they will be known simply as The Acts and The Facts.)


“Son,” said the ole man, “as you go through life, you may certainly keep your eye peeled for a sack of lost money, but you might also keep the other eye out for a man who might know something without offering personal anecdotes in support thereof.  Yes sir, you could keep a lookout for such a guy.”


In the graduate schools of this one reality, the final, exit exam for all would-be priests, psychiatrists and politicians, consists of but one question:  “Heal thyself.”  (Although the professional ranks there remain thin, all in all, everyone seems in reasonably good condition.  And in a related item:  If god ever calls and he’s complaining – hang up, quick!)


Okay, okay in a related, related item: If god calls and is whining and complaining – how are you gonna hang up?


Reflecting on the historic view now expressed as “The Peloponnesian War brought neither victory nor peace.”  This one student-ole-man said, “But it brought plenty of Peloponnesians.”


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