Weekend Atlas

If you’re planning on a reasonably long run for the show, let me give you some good old fashioned, “leg breaking” advice:  Don’t let the author also direct.


One guy’s unyielding motto was:

“Always stick with
your FIRST thought
until you have
another one.”


During the recent literary festival at the Dry-Waller’s Hall, a youngish chap revealed to me that he’d brought one of his favorite axioms, “up to contemporary delight”; the reference in point is that he now says, “A rolling stone gathers no habits,” and he further states he intends to put this revised version into practical use just as soon as he figures out how to do so, and STILL get a car loan.


Here’s another “Time SAVER” for you temporarily tight: Anything “almost not worth mentioning” is likely to be TOTALLY not worth mentioning.


Any time he wanted a really good laugh, this one incendiary sort would go home, lock the doors, close the shades, and pull out his atlas.


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