For Ink-Slingers Everywhere

And there was this one guy
that didn’t seem all that
enthused about it.


One doting father told his aspiring author off-spring, “Son, to get famous in this field, just remember to write about what you don’t know about.”  And the beaming young ink slinger thought, “NOOOO problem.”


When interviewing candidates for new thoughts, he might have one man who would immediately tell them, “Don’t waste my time if you can’t whine.”


More Social Symbolic Logic
Unsuited For The Young
Or Those Too Social:

“It’s hard to be both brilliant
AND beautiful…just ask the ugly.”


The ruler of one kingdom declared his intention to wage a “war on words,” and a visitor mused that the monarch must be miffed by “excessive verbiage,” but a local replied, “Nay, it’s not that the king is angry, but that the people talk Too Much.”


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