Dress Up Day

During a particularly slow period in his neural social life, one fellow threw down his hat and hollered that, “I’ll just be damned if I’ll be stood-up by the likes of ME!”


Through his mortal wounds, the king gasped these final words, “Look for me in the ruins of Paradise.”  And several of the knights were so awestruck by the transcendental impact of their liege’s verbal legacy, they fell to their knees in silent respect, while several others dropped to the ground to swipe his new boots.


All civilians play “dress up,”
some just start later than others.


Wrapped in his monogrammed bed-time refinements, this one man would pray each night, “Dear god, if dawn MUST come – let it be swift and sudden.”  (According to certain government statistics there is little accounting for some people’s theological diversions.)


Both as a joke, and to help sustain a new model of equilibrium, this one guy told his legs that one of them was older than the other.


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