Fun with Jell-O

Quote Of The Day (this feature would be actually better called, “A Certain String Of Words Within Quotation Marks,” but you gotta admit – that lacks rhythm and style, so back to it – the “Quote Of The Day”):  “Sir, as long as your car’s already up on the rack, now’d be a good time to change your mind.”


In trying to explain some of his difficulties with religion, one City chap said, “I don’t want no god that needs P.R. men.”


One you get on its bad side
there’s this one reality
that’ll never let you hear
the end of it.


In line with his conviction that everyone should do their part to “Stabilize the ship of life, and help maintain its course of continuity,” this one man erected an enormous billboard in front of his City business that said, “In A World Gone Mad, We Continue To Provide Shoddy Goods And Unreliable Services.”


On some Jell-O left in the Lit Department’s cafeteria was this graffiti: “Any thousand page epic whose heart can’t be put in a paragraph isn’t worth the purloined preface on which it’s based.”


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