Answer and Question Time

The assumed metaphorical, and metaphysical significance of many things eludes many people…”  And for very good reason,” you might ask.


At the conclusion of the regular meeting, during the “answer and question” time, one chap stood directly up and loudly announced that his biggest thrill in life was not having any thrills.


A constituent of our electronic audience writes to ask whether, based on certain of my recent comments, are we to conclude that the more civilized would be the poet who would willfully refrain from calling fucking fucking, or the one who could not do otherwise, even should he wish?


One guy had this big ole book entitled,
“Strange And Astounding Facts,”
which he was afraid to look at.


Contraire to older proverbial wisdom:

Promises are not MADE to be broken
but promises ARE made to be promises –
NOT performances.


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