It’s a Clear Day

One guy described himself most aptly; but let’s not be too hard on him; he assures us it was entirely inadvertent.


Knowledge can back up on you,
but thinking will clear you out.


While standing by an office building downtown, I saw this first fellow rush up and greet a second one, and after a few pleasantries the first one said, “Boy, I’ll bet your new job has made drastic changes in your life.”  The second one replied, “Well, yes and no.”  And the first one noted, “It can’t be both, it either did or didn’t.”  The second one admitted, “You’re right of course; the new position didn’t have much of an impact at all on my life, but that sounds SO much more boring than saying, ‘yes and no.’”


Hey, far be it from THIS News to become institutionalized and offer encouragement – BUT:  If it gets to where everything reminds you of everything else, well – Hey, who knows you might be gettin’ on wid it.


One man tells us that each morning, just as soon as he awakens, the very first thing he does is to try and remember at least one thing.


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