The Name Game



This one guy continued to call himself “Abernathy,”
even when he had good cause to suspect otherwise.


On this one northeastern galaxy,
(looked at from here), they’ve
cut right on through it and declared
that the name of the game is,
“The Game.”


One City group waited around for a long time;
they did not, however, wait long E-N-O-U-G-H.


Another speaker having his turn upon the margarine carton, (this particular park couldn’t afford a regular soap-box), rhetorically proclaimed, amidst his forlorn observations regarding contemporary humanity’s decline, “What, I wonder, would our esteemed ancestors, the holy ancient ones, have to say to our ability for mass, incalculable slaughter of our fellow man…” and from the crowd a voice raised, “They’d probably wanna know how we do it.”


A Real Revolutionist
doesn’t believe in upkeep.











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