Sunday Dance

A centipede will never give you the correct time.


Hey, try this on: 
One guy, right out in public,
with a straight face and serious tone
said, now get this – said that his brain
“talked to him” – No I didn’t!


In a certain City to your north, a guy went to a Complaint Doctor and complained, “Hey, all I think are someone else’s thoughts.”  And the good doctor replied, “Hey, join the club.”  So he went to the healer down the hall and said, “Doctor, all I think are someone else’s thoughts,” and this one replied, “Hey, is this an epidemic or something?”  So he went to the expert on the roof who hit him in the goobers, thereby distracting him from his complaint.


The stronger you get,
the less likely it is that you can
even FAKE your own death.


“Hey,” said tonight’s final subversive,
“If you didn’t want it stripped, starved and stared at,
you shouldn’t have brought it to the dance.”




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