The Fat’s in the Fire

One guy just up and told his brain,
“Hey, if you’re in the fire, the fat’s in the fire,”
and after receiving a quizzical look added,
“And you can take that any way you want to.”


A chap with a newspaper, near the bus stop by the park
last evening said to a fellow tram traveler, “Even while
conflicting religious and nationalistic tensions seem
to be easing, I foresee the final confrontation will be
between those who own property and those who
color their hair.”


One ole man told his kid,
“If they start calling the roll,
always feel free to leave.” 

The younger asked,
“Does that include you, Pop?” 
“Especially me.”


Now here’s one for you:

I once knew this guy who, when finished writing certain letters,
would seal them up in the envelope only to immediately open it,
then re-seal it in a manner that made it quite obvious it had been
once already opened, then he would send it right along for the
recipient’s benefit.  (I have reason to believe he would also do this verbally.)


One ole reformed burr head every morning,
(weather permitting), would stick his head
out the window to Life and holler,
“Grab your ankles darling – I’m coming home!”






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