3-D G Figure

While at a hostelry, where was being held the annual
Debaters And Dandruff Convention, I rode an elevator
with a chap who confided in me with manner most agitated,
“At times,” said he, “Trying to ‘think for yourself’ is like
building this really nice house, but then discovering
it’s always on someone else’s property.” (To this day,
I am still unsure as to whether he was from Dandruff or Debate faction.)

If the ordinary knew how the Secondary worked – it wouldn’t.

Yet another “Three-D-G-Figure”
(are you ready, clear the field and turn on the scoreboard):
Many men fear drowning, including a few who can swim.

By speech, by speech, by wondrous speech
may Rome be described as Calcutta.
(A breast is a breast, a place of rest, only by talk is it more so.)

To show you again the vagaries and uncertainties of geographical intentions,
whilst singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” this one woman was shot by Peru.

If everything were as temporary as it is, (or seems to be),
we’d sure be in for a severe change of umbrellas and sun screen.

In many of Life’s routine, and not so routine affairs, some good advice to hold is;
never buy a talking snake from a man unless he has one.



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