Go Ahead, Whine

(Saves Time)

Under routine conditions,
if you “know what’s coming next”– it’s not.


In a warm, misty shift through which I recently passed,
I heard one time-layered voice say to a certain ink-stained ear,
“Yes, that’s all well and good, but from whom shall a Shakespeare steal?”
(By the by, back to a more terrestrial tone, pertinent to perhaps
obliqueness only, but you might care to consider this:
Being there first will not insure success, but there’s
no form of victory for the second horse over the wire.)


One guy I met a long-time-ago-last-week, and of whom I still have
multi-colored memories, told me simi sub rosa, (which was the best
he could muster being from the Heinz side of the family), that during
those times of extreme hardship and dire disappointment he would
slip quietly into his large, walk-in pantry, turn down the lights, and
remind himself aloud, “I would prefer to be naked, than to be king.”
(I ask you now, what’s there not to like about such an attitude with its own man.)


In the middle of a conversation, this interlude:
First speaker: “May I digress?”
Reply: “Do you have a choice.”


If you’ll whine just before you hurt yourself,
you’ll save yourself a bunch of time.






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