Vice Versa Saturday

Would mice still want to be rats,
if draft exemptions were based on paw size?


Unpublished Revolutionist Rule, (or maybe just a hint), Number 17 Y:
You know you’re on the right track
when you ain’t got no track.


You can flirt with the local,
but the universal is beyond seduction.
(Hill-side translation: You can’t lay Life.)


This one bony chap would quite often conclude a statement by adding,
“Of course, that’s just one chap’s opinion,”
until one semi-fine day he pulled his shorts up short and thought,
“Why hell, that’s quite enough of an opinion – I’m just one man.”


Under the weight of local gravity,
there is a really no proper question of whether
“the means justify the ends”
in as much as the means ARE the ends…(and vice versa on Saturdays.)






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