Half and Half

If you stand at the center of a carrousel, even though surrounded by constant movement,
lights and music; you are still.  But step slightly in any direction, and your entire reality becomes part of it.

Another announcement is made:
”Man does not live by bread alone,” and he who would find the exit to the funhouse discovers that man does not live by anything alone.  In fact, by what he does live, no one knows.  Many only guess, and since the majority are on their way to the café and giving the matter no thought, they accept the guesses of the many.  They, at least, understand that it means nothing anyway.

Only those awaiting planes are concerned with theories of aeronautics.  Those walking on their own three feet have nothing to worry about, (other than the café’s closing time).

Half the world has a migraine – the other half, corns.
Half don’t know where they’re headed, and bluster to cover it.
Half don’t know where they’re headed, and have never thought about it.
Half the world needs to know what is going on.

And half cannot compute the term: “What is going on.” 

For a few (not fully part of either half), “explanation” is the most destructive word ever created by man.

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