Missing The Secret…

The original, true Order of Mystical Knights
upon which all other myths are based,
was one in which the King never sent anyone off anywhere on a mission….
You figure it out from there.

A father noted to his son, “One of the (shall we say) lesser, side benefits of realizing the nature of man is that you no longer admire anyone.”

He who tells the ordinary that they live in a dream,
lives himself in a dream.

The difficulty in trying to convey The Secret to another is that to “ride-the-wind”
each man must mount his own back.

Those who should worry about the future of man
are those who can be made to worry.

After years of reading about knights off on The Great Quest, in search of The Grail,
one lad decided that when he grew up, he wanted to be a knight’s horse
since he’d begun to strongly suspect that knights didn’t actually exist.

(Think what a surprise he’s in for when he discovers that none of it exists
except for the prize itself — and THAT you can be!
Or otherwise put: that you turn out to be).
What a surprise!

A man once asked a certain mystic, “Why do you never smile?”
And the mystic replied,
“Because if I did, then I’d probably start laughing, and I’m afraid I’d never be able to stop.”

When understanding of the extraordinary is put into words, circles become squares,
balls become cubes, and who’s there to enjoy the delight of the occasion?

The mind, seeking the “wherefore” of it,
will forever miss The Secret.

And, lastly, we have today’s “Final Tip” on the matter:
The Secret is not actually very well hidden
 (…if you want to know the truth about it).


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