Just a Matter of Taste

One guy told his son:  “Take as long as you need, and make a list of all the things that ordinary people think and talk about; then, forget about the son-of-a-bitch and everything on it!”



One man found it easier to get through life after he’d decided that everyone’s individual tastes are just a matter of taste.



A man’s mind said to him:  “Say, if you’re not going all the way with this thing you keep thinking about, and you stay right here, then you oughta adopt and use this maxim, ‘A one-sided man is a happy man.’  Get my point!?”



And now another episode of “Familial Conversations”:

“Daddy, why do old people get so serious?”
“Well son, what else are they going to do!?”

(Be sure and tune in again next generation to see:  “WHA-A-T’s NEW?”…if anything.)



If you live in your mind,
your time is never your own.



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