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Consciousness is One Circuit Dominating Another


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Jan Cox Talk #261 *May 21, 1987 * – 1:42
Notes by TK

[Kyroot reading to 0:10.]

More on the emotions as denotation/delineation of mate, territory or position in the hierarchy of submission/dominance (‘pecking order’). The ordinary binary characterization of emotions into: love of man (carnal) vs. love of god (spiritual). The Few need to have a continuing awareness of what human emotions actually consist in: biological, hormonal.

Consciousness as the appropriate sufficient number and structuring of brain circuits such that one can temporarily override the others. The only knowledge of value is that which arises within you. The Few must continue to demand the extraordinary action and thought of themselves. The Few should never entertain, engage or accept any weakness. The Few have a drive to ‘make it’ outside of the routine means and rules of the herd. This is a reflection of Life’s own attempt/desire to find shortcuts, to step up the tempo.

Question:would you prefer to be powerful or efficient? But ‘if efficiency is not your name, change ain’t your game’. Consider: is power the way to facilitate change? In the occupations of priest, mogul and politician, The Few should be able to clinically see how little talent/intelligence/power is actually required to effect control.

Consider:a real physician would have as much or more effect on his patients than any prescription. J. as such a physician. How can he be paid?

Story/analogy of the sign imprinted on a soft drink vending machine: ‘If this machine malfunctions, please do not beat on it as the owner is not inside!’. Consider: why do men bang on their own machines? There is no one inside. Such banging on the machine is the essence of the ordinary attempt to effect change; to repair, to improve the status quo–to provide satisfaction.

There is a slight variation to the 3 categories of emotion: the sexual (or agape) love or care/consideration of another. Everyone needs the daily input of this energy at a molecular level. Consider J’s input to Group. Consider: are we (the Group) making enough use of our own Talent? Is J just to be used/left as a mere ‘word preacher’?

Real Power is invisible–mere control is visible. Real Power will never be associated with ‘bad news’.


1:31 select an organization foreign to you with some ‘spin on the ball’–some proselytizing character or eccentricity. Meet with the local leader with story of being a new arrival from out of town, who is a dedicated member of same organization in previous location. Demand immediate responsibility; participate with enthusiasm for a minimum of 11 hrs. over 4 wks.

And Kyroot Said

…and Kyroot said:
Life arranges itself, and is arranged throughout the Human Grid in such a way as to make ordinary consciousness believe that it is always reacting to the occurrence-of-the-immediacy, whereas the innumerable “causes”, that is, the environmental alterations since the initial heredity impact, could more properly be considered no more than an unrecognized pattern of stable chaos, with all triaxial notions of immediate causes being forever lost in the vertical-angled land of no-time-at-all.
(Only the ordinary curse a chair after stubbing their toe…the more lively would curse every fucking part of every universe and be done with it.)

…and Kyroot said:
All peoples, cultures, and religions have a tale regarding Man being somehow removed from His original habitat, and forever being in
search of a “mystical, lost homeland”.
But those with some idea of
Man’s true position understand that only you can exile yourself.

…and Kyroot said:
If it be true that all artists suffer, and if it still be so that
2 and 3 equals 5, and also that
3 and 2 equals 5, then are not all who suffer artists in some remote fashion.
If the above were to somehow prove correct I could then better appreciate the sentiment of Men when they say, “I may not know art, but I know bad news when I
see it.”

…and Kyroot said:
The mortal tale of Man’s Fall-from-Paradise is unknowingly a recounting of His eternal upward fall; an upward, vertical plunge from the mute certainty of a Red Circuit existence into a more complex world of noisy, and unspecific
So now, rather than beating his fellowman across the head, and likewise, being beaten, civilized-Man sits and broods over His failure to bash his neighbor, and sinks in the
fear that His own thrashing is but a matter of time.
(Its probably just as well that Man has no choice in this affair, or else Life would be one continuous gam of “Let’s Make a Deal.”

…and Kyroot said:
Words can explain everything but themselves.
Like unto timber used to construct exemplary models of their intent, yet materials, about which the Yellow Circuit can offer no clue regarding their own origins.

…and Kyroot said:
Man does not realize the error in pointing to His head as being the source of some illness as
opposed to a downward pointing to the body itself.
He does not See that psychosomatic illness would only be a reality if we were
dealing with a decapitated person who even yet felt

…and Kyroot said:
Words are like “energy to go”; portable packets in measured form for use at a future time..

…and Kyroot said:
I hear Men speak of certain things as “no longer existing”, but you must begin to constantly realize that nothing can simply “cease to exist”
Where does anything have to go?
Processes do continually change their clothes, and address, but “cease-to-exist”)
not hardly.

…and Kyroot said:
If you’re not a supporter of revolution you certainly don’t belong here.
If you’re not a defender of established structures,
you’re in the wrong place.
The sign at the Project gate should read, “Admittance only to those
ambidextrous in the higher circuits.”
(Space on board the Project Ship itself of course, is limited to those with even more entangled talents and abilities).

…and Kyroot said:
Habit equals ordinary sanity, and the shackles-of-responsibility are as functional stability for common Man.
It is the small habits, and larger responsibilities that hold the ordinary in a secure jacket of acceptable behavior, and apparent goals in this life, without which they might become unbound and un-structurally violent in their consciousness, and less useful in Life’s direct thrust toward
greater dimensional expansion.
(Even the Few are left with the “One Habit”, and “The Responsibility”, but an understanding of this complex simplicity makes the subsequent voyage both pleasant, and

…and Kyroot said:
Once you are freed from your own dimensional illiteracy, people are an “open book”…
(and when you’ve read one, you’ve read ’em all).

…and Kyroot said:
If, as Man has noted, “Music be the food of love”, how do you explain march music of the military.
(Why I’ll be even ole Attila
enjoyed a rousing toe-tapper
now and then as he contemplated
his many, and sundry good deeds)
And “why not” I ask you; and “why not” you should always ask yourself,
because there IS no: “why not”.

…and Kyroot said:
During one period in my times on Earth, I enjoyed some renown as a “thinker, and pundit” although I looked not unlike my common fellow man. Once in a crowd I was identified by name, and a young woman rushed up to me gushing about her high regard for me, and avowing as how she had read everything with my name affixed. She came to a temporary, breathless pause by saying how she had always “Dreamed of meeting me in person.”
I modestly held my hands out, and said, “Well, here I am.” She looked me up and down for a
critical moment and replied, “No, I meant the REAL you.”

…and Kyroot said:
It is Man’s natural condition to be entirely driven by the flows of the Grid passing through Him and all of Life. When I speak of a person being “engaged” I refer more specifically to a state wherein the person is temporarily vibrating at a quite fixed, and specific rate-tempo in regards to some particular magnetic attraction.
This is no worse than His
normal position but it
does offer a microscopic
example of the prevailing
larger condition.
All suffer under general tyranny; being “engaged” is merely bending to a specific despot for a brief, but harsh interlude.

…and Kyroot said:
Regardless of the many dangers and pitfalls of everyday existence,
I would say that each Man’s greatest fear is that somehow His fake fears
will turn into real ones.
…and Kyroot said:
If you will but take careful note, you will find that the ordinary consciousness of Man conceives
of His life as a horizontal happening, and the missing dimension in the triaxial universe is not seen because it rests at right angles to present I-sight.
(Even better put would be to note that it rests at vertical-angles to present sight.)

6/14/84- (17)
…and Kyroot said:
Although ball players say “You can’t steal first base”, and it sounds like both a physical comment on a sporting event, and an allegorical note on human existence, why not
again seek a first before the apparent first of ordinary awareness?
Why not forage for profit
in the dark areas even
before the initiation of
the game?
Why not steal the scoreboard?

…and Kyroot said:
One can note the continuing powerful mute force of the Red/Circuit in the fact that guns do indeed speak for themselves, and bullets make a particular fashion statement.

6/14/84- (19)
…and Kyroot said:
Slow music takes longer than faster music
(but this is neither as obvious, nor correct
as you might first believe.)

…and Kyroot said:
Have you yet to consider that it is not merely me continuing to pull rabbits out of hats that is so astounding, but that I pull rabbits out of hats that don’t even exist yet.

…and Kyroot said:
A final note for the night: Never do anything for the first time.
And if that’s a conceptual overload, try it this way: Always do everything for the first time.



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987
Document:  261,  May 21, 1987

Recently I challenged you to try and find any categories of human emotions beyond those of marking off either territory, his or her mate, or his or her social position in the human metabolic hierarchy.  This is not to diminish emotions, but to encourage you to study them and develop a clinical understanding of what they are.

There have been continuing attempts to divide emotions.  Worldwide one of the greatest divisions that people have used, that Life has used through the mouths of men, has been an attempted division into the love of man and the love of god.  This is in all religions and mythologies, but I ask you, what has Life been trying to say, and why is it that people are driven to believe and perceive there is a division of some kind?  It has even been referred to as “carnal love” versus “spiritual love,” or “lusty passions” as opposed to romantic love.

There is within the consciousness of man, seeping out through the very pores of Life’s own nervous system, a belief (and all beliefs are based on some reality) that the emotions should be seen as having two distinct categories.  What is it that humans believe they are saying that would differentiate human love and godly love?  I don’t mean just religious, fundamentalist fanatics of some kind:  what do people in general think they mean by carnal and spiritual love?

Considering, as I have in the past suggested, that the Blue System in general could almost be seen as a kind of bridge between the Red and the Yellow Circuits, or the bridge between the lower/older and the upper/newer circuits in man.  It could be seen as an attempted transition, if not a completed successful transition between one stage of human life and another stage.  You need to have more of a clinical attitude toward what seems to be historically and contemporaneously, the total operations of human emotion.  It is not to say that humans are making a mistake and are on the wrong track, but human emotion, as generally accepted, is always liable to the same binary influences as stomach disorders and so called psychological disorders that make humans views and opinions flip-flop.  In those areas of Life’s body on this planet wherein such statistics are kept, eight out of ten homicides are committed among those who are in a family or sexual relationship.  It’s that simple.  You need a very unusual continuing perception of what human emotions consist of in the everyday sense, a perception that all ordinary human emotion can be classified as those three territories.  People mark off personal territory on the freeway when another car gets too close; just as automatically as breathing you make a hostile gesture.  Or, you are talking to someone and begin to feel uncomfortable.  You don’t analyze it, but it’s because the person is standing closer to you than you are wired up to like, so you talk and then look off, talk and look off.  You are defending your territory.  We are not talking about a psychologically acquired sense of territory, but of the entire muscular and nervous system, biologically, molecularly reacting in defense of territory.  Because you are alive you are going to feel certain territories to be yours, and you will mark and defend them through emotions.

I have already pointed out the world of homicide, and how closely connected that is to sexual territories.  Anything you cannot see immediately as the marking of territory is the third aspect and is the marking of social position.  It can be seen on a more refined level within the dichotomy in the 3-D world, of being either submission versus dominance within a general so-called social structure.  The world still speaks attempting to establish oneself, and one’s social position.  Even casual observers of the human condition in psychology and sociology have claimed that people put bumper stickers on their car to show who they are, and that the way people dress is an attempt to establish their social position — but it is not psychological.  It is as biological as a dog or chimpanzee establishing its place in the pecking order of its pack.  It is done throughout the animal kingdom, though again, there is no perfect parallel between other creatures on this planet and man.

Every creature that has more than a singular circuit has social hierarchy.  Just accepting everyday knowledge in the field of zoology, there is an immediately established pecking order almost as soon as the young creatures are born as to who is dominant and who is subservient.  That is exactly what goes on with bumper stickers and with clothes and it is not psychological but biological.  The way you dress, the way you do your hair, is not something that you have acquired.  It is biological and it is always molecular.  The necessity for each person to establish where they are in the social order is based upon their own hormones, but it is almost impossible for ordinary consciousness to remember that.  It could be checked by the blood if anyone knew how to do it, but in fact you accept the social order as it appears to operate.  You walk into a store and as soon as the salesman seems to look up, you immediately know whether you are going to be submissive or you are going to be dominant.  Part of going to a doctor is that you must be submissive, and on the other hand, one of the reasons people enter certain professions like Medicine and Law, apart from the money or prestige, is their own hormonal balance forcing them into a position where part of the apparent occupational arrangement is that they are dominant.

This necessity to mark off one’s position is, as opposed to psychological, absolutely biological.  It is in your ordinary blood balance and in the secretion of your own hormones, and has been determined as much as your height or hair color.  A clinical continuing awareness of this in no way diminishes emotion.  Without emotions none of this would make any sense.  If this was strictly some intellectual pursuit, ultimately, you would be like a man with a new interesting map but with no desire to go anywhere.  You wouldn’t travel.

I recently described consciousness as multiple circuits in a creature, sufficient in number and properly structured so that one could temporarily dominate another.  Everything that goes under the title “human consciousness,” which is the only thing that distinguishes man from an oak tree or from a dog, requires circuits sufficient in number and properly structured so that one can temporarily dominate another.  That is what gives the illusion of freedom and what can drive ordinary consciousness into a kind of short circuit, or almost a cul-de-sac.  It gets to a spot and asks, “Why am I doing what I am doing, including why am I asking myself what am I doing?  Alright, I”ll stop doing it, but is that me wanting to stop doing it or was I just mechanically wanting to stop doing it because I was tired of this.  Am I tired of this or am I willing myself to be tired of this?”

If that is too obtuse, how is it, for example, that when you’re running and have decided to quit at the next corner, you suddenly decide to go on?  Another idea or viewpoint can override this apparent tiredness.  It is as if one message, one motivation overrode another.  But if you use an ordinary approach, you will go round and round and round.  Consciousness consists of one circuit, with the proper structure and number within the creature under question, being able to temporarily override another.

If you pursue this definition, you can see it gives rise to many accepted illusions of freedom, like the conscious and unconscious mind, or the illusion of having both an innate potential will, a will that you acquired from your environment, from your parent’s mistreatment, for example.  All such notions are sorely lacking and still within the classification of “psychological” descriptions, which assume that each individual has an open conduit right here in his head, as if everything that happened in his so-called human consciousness from overeating to under eating is caused from something that got into this open sewer, this open sore.  You have got to be past that point.  You should find it continually amazing and irritating at how obvious this is, but that you can’t remember it except when I am here talking about it.  The rest of the time you feel as though it is personal psychological problems.

Recently I made the comment that the information that is ultimately most valuable to you is that which apparently originates with you.  Note that it is not the only information of any value or we would not be continuing to meet, and you would not even be able to hear me say that ultimately the information that seems to be of most value is that which seems to arise from you.  Our meetings are not just preparation for a final big moment of personal epiphany; you should have the feeling that there is apparently a process going on, in which I feed you this information.  Also you have had some small moments in which things seem to have come to you not necessarily of your own doing, and not from me telling you either.  It just seemed to come to you and be of a singular nature.  Remember, you can learn from everything, except perhaps Gilligan’s Island.

It is extraordinary for us to be involved with This, and for you to be here.  And for it to remain so, you have got to demand of yourself continually extraordinary action and extraordinary thinking of action.  This must be a kind of awareness, not visible to other people.  It is not to work miracles, or believe that you have some kind of treasure that you can take out of your pocket and show to ordinary people.  But there has got to be a continuing awareness that you are in an exceptional position in the overall grid of things.  If you want to curse at stubbing your toe, by all means don’t, but if you get to where you can stop doing it, then scream loud enough for somebody to hear you down the street.

You should not allow any part of your own apparent partnership to ever catch you up in its own actions, which would be the nonverbal thinking of actions of any of its expressions of angers, fears, or weaknesses.  And this would hold true if you were alone on a desert island.  This is not simply a religious message but a fact.  Do you think that having your external stimuli cut off or diminished from what it is now would finally begin to affect your own thinking?  Would you begin to entertain the kinds of innate prejudices and hatreds and negative daydreams you have had toward other people or yourself?  You can not seriously entertain your own partnership’s cries of anger and hatred toward anybody else, individuals or groups of people.  If you entertain its fears of being sick or dying or being embarrassed, it’s there.  It’s not psychological, it’s molecular. It is hormones acting up and it is as real as it can be.  It is not imagination and you cannot entertain it.  Even if you are alone on a desert island, you cannot entertain the fears of the partnership.

You cannot engage in a serious manner with anything arising from your own nervous system that passes for thought and feeling; any expression of anger, hatred, fear, uncertainty, or any other weakness you think of as being yourself, or coming from some so-called psychological traumas.  From one view, remember, we are all weak across the board.  No matter how rich you are or how much control you seem to have, you’re going to die.  Someday you’re going to lay down and stink, and people will get away from you.  Everybody is afraid, and yet people think that if they get correctly involved with a religion or metaphysical system, they will overcome all fears.

You are aiming at the ability to get inside yourself and to change the day by day hormonal balance of yourself, to change the molecular structure of your blood.  It is not some kind of psychological breakthrough or metaphysical hocus pocus trick.  If you could actually do it, you have altered yourself, you have changed the shape of what you are, from the inside out, starting with the neural system which then affects the muscular system.  And you may affect the way you look and feel.  But you have got to be extraordinary.  It may seem as though you have grown, but to keep it that way you have got to demand that you operate extraordinarily in your actions and in your thinking of actions.  It is as though you are on a desert island, so you can do anything you want to.  You can absolutely, literally and figuratively curse all the gods and everybody who ever lived.  You can cry and then build sand castles and then kick them over.  But if you allow yourself carte blanche to engage in that, you will eventually lose the extraordinary feeling of This.  You may try to hang onto it from habit, but it will cease to have any affect on you, and you will no longer be in the revolution.  Another thing about people who are attracted to activities such as This is they want to “make it” outside the routine rules of the herd.  This sounds as though it might be a psychological observation about different types of people, but it is still biological.  People who want to become enlightened or awakened to some other possible state of consciousness or expanded relationship to higher forces, which though it sounds spiritual, from another viewpoint it’s people looking for a shortcut to “make it.”  This could be also seen very correctly as a reflection of Life’s own continuing desire to seek short cuts for itself, and to increase the tempo, by going outside the rules of the herd at Life’s level.  Consider what you are engaged with here.

If change is the name of the game and is to be the payoff of one’s life, from a bricklayer to a would-be priest, or even if change is apparently the means by which we live an acceptable life, to be satisfied through attempted change, then the question is, does increased power, or increased efficiency most facilitate that change?  From a certain clinical view, priests, bankers, and politicians show how little talent and intellect it takes to have control over people.  This is no attack on those three callings, but from one view, humans are wired up to be submissive to these three groups in varying degrees.  You beg a priest to cure you or to help your mother, or you approach a banker, hat in hand, for money to start a business, and from the politician you ask for mercy or a chance to prosper.  In the ordinary world it comes out as praise or glorification to these three groups, or contrarily they are attacked — which is the same thing.  But what I am asking you is for a clinical, non-involved view, approaching 4-D, of the complete panorama of width, depth, and height, with a continuation of time.  Everything changes and becomes in the 3-D world its own apparent opposite.  Everything apparently comes, and everything apparently goes, but in trying to see where it comes from, where it goes, and how it turns into its own opposite, ordinary consciousness is blocked because something is missing which is essential to being able to do this.

There is a dimension in this loop of reality that evades the spectrum at which the senses vibrate and in which they can pick up vibrations.  (Even those things that you imagine you had to imagine through one of the senses.)  It is accepted that those who have control and dominance, as do priests, bankers, and politicians, have earned it, and that it requires ability and intelligence.  But a certain clinical view shows that everyone is in a hard wired mechanical position of submission to varying degrees, at varying times and places, to those who seem to exercise external control and power, and it also shows how little intelligence and talent it takes to rule other people.

If we were dealing with a “real physician” then he would himself have as much effect on his patients as any of his prescriptions.  In the 3-D world people believe that a real physician would be not only a miracle doctor but would also be like the ultimate guru, as many Catholics believe the Pope would be.  Or if they could find blood lineage to Buddha himself they believe they would have the real physician, the real information or prescription.  But if we were talking about a real physician in whatever field, spiritual or otherwise, he would have more effect upon the patient than any prescription or drug, whether it be literally a drug, or whether it be a ritual or task.  What then is the situation between you and me?  How can you believe that you’ve understood something if you’ve forgotten it by the time you leave the room?

There is the molecular biological lingering feeling in everyone that still there are prescriptions coming from me that will ultimately be the basis of your cure, of your desire for a change.  I repeat, the real physician would have as much effect upon the patient as any prescription or drug he might prescribe, but what can you do with that?

In our day of increasing importance of information as energy, people are seeking physicians all the way from psychologists, lovers, gurus, priests, rabbis, politicians, books and they are seeking a cure.  They may call their primary malady “physical” and look for a diet doctor with a secret diet that still lets them eat anything, or they may describe it to themselves as “psychological,” and then look for the psychiatrist to cure them after hearing their “life story.”  In either case there’s the belief that this grand physician will have the miracle prescription or drug.  But if there was such a physician he, himself, would have more effect upon the patient or follower than any drug or prescription they might take.  This is not a theoretical point to be intellectually intriguing; it is of practical use to somebody who has the right hormonal balance.  It’s no excuse to not understand This.  If it were all understandable continuously, there would be no Revolutionist’s Handbook.

Some time ago I walked up to a vending machine and on this machine was a sign that obviously went on all the machines from this same source, and the sign had the name of the owner and the company.  Under the sign it said, “If this machine is out of order please contact the owner and do not bang on the machine because he is not inside.”  Now let me ask you this, why do men continue to bang on their own machines?  Do they, including you at the ordinary level, believe that the owner is inside, and that the banging is going to make him repair the thing?  That is the nature of men in general wanting and attempting to change, be it under religious, psychological guise or just self help.  There is nowhere to look with an ordinary consciousness.  Banging on the machine also passes for philosophical self inquiry, “the unexamined life is not worth living,” kick kick, bang bang.  People believe the owner is inside and will ultimately fix the machine.  This is not just an allegorical question, it is clinical.  Where else are you going to go, and why do you continue to believe the owner is inside?

Besides the temporary template of the three markings that comprise human emotions; marking off one’s territory, one’s sexual mate, or one’s social position in the hormonal hierarchy, let us say, for the sake of discussion, that there is a slight variation outside those three.  We could refer to an apparently nonsexual love that you would normally find among family or friends.  Developing a continuing clinical investigation and a new understanding of what human emotions normally consist of need not distract you from the possible joy and the sometimes apparent beauty of human emotion.  Let me also point out that everybody, those involved with nothing exceptional in Life, and people involved with This, needs day by day assurance from somebody else.  It could be part of a sexual relationship.  Everybody needs this kind of day to day emotion.  I know this does not sound revolutionary, but after you can in a sense discount the three mechanical divisions noted above, this category still exists.  Ordinary people accept it as being in love for a while, but then after a few months nobody notices when the other comes and goes.  So everybody is inclined to change partners continually, and take it as simply the way things are.  That’s ordinary life.  There are also people who do not believe they are in the position to be receiving this kind of day by day positive feeling from some other person and they kick their own machine, “What’s wrong with me?”  I’m not coming to any conclusions with this, just telling you that there is a biological, neuro-atomic molecular need in everyone, to varying degrees.  Your blood needs it, your hormonal health needs it; someone cares when you get up, or someone acknowledges when you’re leaving.

Groups normally arise to praise and support the leader, politically, religiously, or socially.  Then it apparently turns its attention outward and apparently attempts to assist humanity, that is, other people.  They seem to become charitable or other directed, as opposed to supporting or praising a leader or central focus of the group.  How does that relate to the resources of this group?

What might be the internal reality in the human nervous system that gets projected and reflected outward into the belief in external conspiracies?  Whether or not external conspiracies exist as they are imagined, the Real Power is always invisible.  Only the control is visible.  The control comes and goes, and whoever has it can lose it.  If you ever hear any bad news about those in apparent power, then they were not the Real Power.