More Gates

Excerpt: “Life speaks through Man, and Man expects to hear, on the basis of the form of things. And forms can never explain themselves. It is the attempt to analyze behavior; the attempt to understand why some people are rude and some seem heartless and mean;  the attempt to analyze one’s self. It is all form, and forms can never explain themselves.

One attempting to do This must see that the mind is driven to divide. Because of its construction, the mind has no alternative but to divide everything into two. Life is not arranged in two separate camps. It is not that there is good and evil; it is not that there is that which is objectively acceptable, and then that which is contemptible. Duality  is simply built into the perceptive mechanism of man.

Forms can never explain themselves. There is nothing wrong with an individual’s own mechanism. And the attempt to do This, to activate the circuits at a higher level, will not endow one with an understanding of the form of things. He will understand it, but he will simultaneously understand that there is nothing to be understood. The form of things is what they are. Things are what they appear to be.”




Excerpt: “Each person feels that there is a kind of depth or complexity to what seems to be oneself. Once you can See, you See that such feelings are totally undeserved and inappropriate. This is not an attack on the ordinary. People are supposed to believe that they have great depth and complexity. But Neuralize that everyone’s consciousness is only a thin veneer.

Neuralize this while out running and strolling through Life. Can you literally, physically feel what consciousness is? For the time being, forget the internal voices saying, “I am here.” Even if there is an “I” in you, what is this entity called consciousness? You are going to have to abandon or ignore the voices hollering about consciousness as the “spirit of the gods,” or the “soul.”  A physical, understandable-for-a-few, material reality does in fact exist beyond all this.

But no system can conceive of itself on its own level. At best, everyone is always left with two-thirds of the question and two-thirds of the answer. At the ordinary level of consciousness a system can see nothing. Nobody can remember himself. Nobody can observe himself. Nobody can remember to take out the garbage. When you are out strolling, attempt to observe what you call consciousness, and try to physically feel what it is. Don’t look for an answer. Don’t look for an example such as, “Well, consciousness is being aware that I am running and my foot hurts.” What is really going on physically behind the word “consciousness”?

People say, “I have thoughts, I have feelings, I’m concerned about things.” Is this consciousness? Who is talking? Neuralize so-called consciousness as a movie screen. Is the movie screen talking, or is there a Fred or a Mary in there looking at that screen and commenting about what they see?

All of humanity believes in some kind of conscious activity, and they accept a “me” that is conscious. They believe that a “me” somewhere in there watches everything going on, hears the sounds and is able to comment, criticize it, and analyze. But, if your desire is to pursue the growth of the nervous system, you are left with the astounding reality that when you try to watch what seems to be yourself watching this screen, something very strange happens. The strong hint is that there is no screen with a viewer at the ordinary level of consciousness. What seems to be consciousness is simply the screen. No viewer is in there. All you have to do is try to observe yourself being conscious and the screen stops. Ordinary people would go nowhere with this information and they are not intended to. All that would happen, should the ordinary person attempt to observe the screen in this way, is that the screen would shut down temporarily. The ordinary person would make no sense of this. Whereas if someone’s desire was to awaken the upper nervous system, he would find that moment of the screen shutting down to be extraordinary.

When you attempt to separate yourself from the screen everything shuts down. The screen goes blank momentarily and no ordinary person can see the fact that the screen is “me.” The circuitry is built to say otherwise. It feels a depth in there. It feels that, “I am observing and reacting to reality on this screen of consciousness.”

At the ordinary level, the screen is you. There is nothing else. There is no real depth to it. There is no complexity. There is no projectionist. All you have to do is turn on the screen in the right way and it stops. The projector is black and silent for a second.

This is the astounding, unbelievable truth of what ordinary consciousness is.”
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