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To “Crack the Case” You Can’t Continually Listen to Inner Snitches


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Notes by TK

If words did have a life of their own it would explain why certain words incite admiration and conviction in their hearers that they issue from an enlightened being. Also, that “in the beginning was the word” (and the word was God). Viz.: words created god; words created consciousness. (32:14) #3330

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Verbal Hors D’oeuvres For The Unacceptably Confined
JULY 25, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

If you gamble with Life,
and use its cards,
you can’t count on getting a fair count.
(The one who breathes for you always comes first.)

The nervous-system-rebel is the only fighter second-reality will ever meet
who doesn’t have anything personally against it.

As he’s begun to grow from babyhood to childhood, one kid has started putting
strange objects in his mouth, strangest of all says his pop, is words.
(The old man obviously having a grudge against the audio portion of our lives).

One man claims to have taught his mind to think in reverse.

If a god ever lets-you-in-on-a-secret – then leans in real close and in a conspiratorial tone whispers: “The fewer who know about this, the better” – make out your will.

Guidelines For Those Often On Uncontrollable Remote-Control.
Only things talked about are frightening (unless of course silence frightens you).

Once he caught on to the explosive charge extant in the act of
calling home when he knows he’s not there,
he instantly realized how to use this to his private intellectual advantage.

What the majority says is correct, and is to them, correct,
and that’s the beginning, middle and end of that little ditty! For them.

Think big – be big.

A person who won’t tell you how they feel may be capable of feelings
unimagined by the ordinary.

Only those shout: “Where’s the melody,” who can’t hear the melody.

As he was headed out to play (and live) a father told a son:
“No first-reality cut hurts for long, and none suffered in the second-reality
is even worth noticing.”

One chap keeps pondering: “Why would any remotely reasonable person
ever do anything that does them harm?!”
(And in this he includes any admissions of his folly and announcements of his self-censure.)

The person seeking-the-secret should keep their inner self always off balance.

When you grow tall enough – others can’t see you.
Corollary: Ordinary people can never see other people as they really are.
Corollary Cleaned Up: Ordinary people can never see other people as they really are because their mind will always paint an inner picture of the other that is at
variance with what they really are.
(Expect No Less – Expect The Best: “So you’re saying that’s all you should ever expect of ordinary men since that’s the best they can do!?”)

If the nervous-system-rebel wants fresh data it is up to him to supply it.

A father said to a son who had passed well into middle age:
“Something is wrong if you are not now more attractive to you than
any of your possessions.”

To ever crack-the-case, you can’t keep listening to those same old inner voices.

You can’t be both a rebel and a philistine;
the inner revolution is no place to calculate profit & loss by any ordinary standard.

It is those who have trouble with everyday life who rhapsodize about the supernatural.

There may be as many reasons for the things men say as there are men,
but only those with nothing better to do, bother looking for them.

On one world the flash point for new intelligence is also the melting temperature for gods.

Either limp and forget about it – or walk straight.

You must constantly ignore what you know and look ahead — always
just around the bend – right-up-there.

Regarding any inner challenge, the rebel needn’t bother ever saying: “I can’t” –
he should tell the truth and say: “I won’t.”

Unofficial Urban Caution.
Anyone who will turn on their self, will turn on you,
and everyone in the city has some self-abusing tendencies.

There may be as many reasons for the things men do as there are men
(if there was only one man).
For years did the struggle continue between the chickens and the corn,
each periodically claiming victory,
each periodically admitting defeat.
(“That’s a fact Luke, there ain’t no better eatin’ part of the chicken than defeat.”)

As they were lounging in the back yard, a father said to a son:
“Don’t even bother saying that Life makes you talk as you do –
just say that your mind’s share of your consciousness submits to its urgings.”
“But aren’t we humans supposed to be aiding Life in its work?!”
“Life has six billion other minds turned to this effort,
how’s it gonna miss you and me.”


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