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If It Can’t Be Picked Up—Its Made Up


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Notes by TK

The hard sciences are descriptions/analyses of physical reality. The social sciences may be descriptions of primary reality observations, but all explanations of same are secondary reality, i.e., of nothing and therefore null and void in reality, because “made up”. All of the “ologies” are about man—specifically his consciousness, his mind. Everything that can’t be handled physically, man’s mind has made up. (44:11) #3317

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JUNE 24, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Fact: Man’s life consists of his physical experience of life, and his
verbal descriptions OF his experiences, both to others and his self, but for a man working to awaken, the describing of his experiences is an unprofitable act – consider: Is any description of something you have already experienced
actually ABOUT anything real, even though the original experience was!?
Being asleep can be seen as the corruptive, unwitting mental mongrelizing of time
(to wit): your thoughts, (and thus your consciousness) are always sliding around
in time, incessantly shifting from the past to the future, forever off the footing of
the present moment, the only place & time where arousal from the dream is possible.
Fact: You cannot have a strictly human problem at this very moment –
and you cannot be dazed & asleep if your consciousness is entirely in this moment.
(“Naw – that’s way too simple.”
Many would probably agree.)

This one guy, sometimes when hanging out socially with the arty set, will say:
“You don’t have to be crazy to be creative, but my, aren’t these hors d’oeuvres tasty,” (but everyone there knew what he really meant).
(“Listen!” said the mayor of one city, “Being normal is, being-normal,
and most folks being that way is what keeps this place running.
Don’t be ashamed of having no original ideas; the health and vitality
[if you want to call it that] of the population here depends on the people being
a solid part of humanity’s collective mind and thinking;
so be proud of being normal and having only ideas pass through your brain that are familiar and with which you are comfortable – so much so
that you don’t even have to give them any conscious notice.”
Can the leaders of mortal groupings talk-a-good-game, or what!?
What else do you think is their reason for being!?)

What’s Going On With The Hunger To Awaken.
The brain wants control of the mind, but the freaky thing is that without the mind being as it is now, the brain wouldn’t be capable of saying in your head that it wants control
of the mind.
(“Do you MIND!?”)

To the nervous-system-rebel, having a surprising thought is like
having a reason to live.
(“It must really be something to be so easily pleased.”
Yeah, it must.)

From one harmless, expeditious perspective,
men can be seen as divided into three different camps:
the ordinary, rebels, and the play-rebels,
with the last group believing that they alone are living-the-natural-life,
and doing-god’s-will, while the real neural rebel knows that such a description more properly belongs to the ordinary (but no matter: all children need their play time).

Conversation Fragment.
“You only have pressing-matters when you’re dealing in man’s second-reality.”
“Oh yeah? – how about if, in the primary, physical reality, you’re confronted with
the possibility of death!?”
“Wouldn’t you call that situation something a bit more than pressing.”
In the life and consciousness of man there is that which you can do something about,
and that which you cannot, and any normal person will insist that they clearly
know the difference, but even a brief listen-in on men’s conversations belie this claim.

Threats and the sound of gunfire ring most strongly in the mind’s imagining
of the future.
(“Dying today may be bad enough, but it is surely surpassed by
being continually shot tomorrow.”)

On mornings when one ole sorehead would awake and find his self not feeling particularly angry – he’d become quite frightened.

“Well now I get it!” suddenly exclaimed one chap,
“To suffer human emotions, all that is required is that you be ordinary.”

Those philosophers of or who went off seeking the perfected man would always return, voicing complaints and disappointment with all of man,
condemning him for having characteristics native to his species.
(The missing headline to this story is:
Cows Don’t Come When You Shout: “Soo-ee!”)

Regarding: The Accumulation.
Only rich people get rich.

A chap with a trophy case containing a stunning booby collection
said it was just one of several, normally overlooked rewards of coming in last.
(A nine-foot-pole manufacturer upon hearing this comment,
remarked that he wouldn’t touch it even with a competitor’s product.)

“Okay, have I got this straight: You can only be asleep at this very moment — AND
you can only wake-up, right this instant — is that pretty much it?”

The race pictured by ordinary men’s minds
is not the track upon which the certain-man runs.


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