Jan Cox Talk 3304

All Eternal Questions Arise From Conflict Between 1st & 2nd Reality


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Notes by TK

Embedded in men’s genes is an awareness of what is going on in life; it is very low level, practically inaccessible. The awareness manifests in cultural myths and legends of lost continents, Atlantis, etc. the bedrock desire of consciousness is for its expansion. The desire to “please god” and “do god’s will” is a low-level expression of this desire.

All human problems, the “eternal questions” arise out of the conflict between first and second realities. Secondary reality is not inherently inferior to primary reality, it is merely subordinate. Primary reality’s essence is survival. Secondary reality’s essence is conflict. (37:42) #3304

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Info For Those Not Satisfied To Be Just An Old Chunk
MAY 25, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Insists one chap:
“A clock that tries to watch itself too closely can go crazy.”
Forever in history have chickens claimed that chickens who want to learn to swim
will surely end up on someone’s dinner plate.
Ordinary minds (not being able to understand their selves) not surprisingly
can’t understand other minds.
Once the certain-man has grasped the nature of the checkers game,
the fact that pieces are both red and black, bothers him not.
A man doesn’t trip over his own feet after he realizes the punch line to pedal digits.

One fellow feels that an activity without an aim is like a car without a radio.
(An unrelated conversation overheard):
“Can you tell when things aren’t going-right?”
“No, but I can tell when I’m feeling like they’re not.”
“Does that help?”
“It does if you then do something about it.”
“But how can you do anything about the way you feel?”
“By being fully and unapologetically aware of it, which will always make
the certain-few laugh to their self and thereby dispel the useless feeling.”
(As always in this extraordinary endeavor, remember that we are interested-in,
and speak-of a very specific and unique area of human activity,
and not man’s animal instincts, for normally wired people can – and do –
physically feel when things aren’t going-right and take appropriate action,
but such similarly termed feelings that appear in man’s mind,
concerning affairs that exist only in his mind, are another matter entirely,
and one entirely empty of significance to the man-who-knows.

It seems to please & comfort an ordinary mind to believe that not only are all other minds as dense as it is, but that they are even dumber in that they think they might some day be otherwise.
No dyed-in-the-wool sheep wants to see another sheep escape –
that’s just the nature of Ovis minds.

A man not far from here has his own personal take on the sight practiced by normal consciousness (perceives he):
“You can look at things through the lens of your eyes/I’s – OR:
you can look at things.”
(He says that one of these two approaches results in you actually seeing the things.
[Though we just have his word on that, huh?!])

While sitting by a stream last Thursday, one man was suddenly hit with this:
“My mind doesn’t think – it is just an outlet for the thoughts that non-willfully
appear in my brain.”
(This was not the first time such a notion had struck him,
but it evaporates almost instantly, and is forgotten until the next time it returns.
Question: Is what flows through a man’s mind any less or more predictable than
what fills a creek bed?)
By their thoughts telling them that they are different from other creatures,
men’s consciousness is kept confused,
(and also forever turned away from a certain matter, the realization of which would change everything in his perception of him, his thoughts, and Life).

At times when he finds his self feeling reasonably well (and for no other reason than that) one man will think: “Now we’re getting somewhere.”
(“Simply because I’m still standing upright and haven’t melted all over everyone,
the wax museum says I can stay. Oh goody.”)

You are altogether normal, and properly acclimated to the ordinary consciousness
in your brain if you can listen to an automobile race on the radio,
and doing so seems perfectly natural.
As long as conventional men confine themselves to the city (area of the mind),
anything that occurs there, in one way or the other, makes sense to them.
(To one man’s thinking this may sound favorable — to another’s, not.
“Round and round and round,” is not music to everyone’s ears.)

Looking up from his book, a lad said to his dad:
“It would have been great to live during the Renaissance,” to which the elder replied: “Then why don’t you!?”
In spite of ever-changing conditions, the man working to crack-the-case
relentlessly revives his self – there is no alternative,
(and he wouldn’t be interested in one if there were).

In toto, every man deserves the same respect;
more specifically, every man’s words deserves silent tolerance.
In case you get to feeling too uppity, and above certain human features,
always remember: Human speech can justify anything – ANYTHING!
(Let’s see something else you can lay your hands on match that!)
When you dream deeply, you are able to imagine that you are better than
you feel you are when your distraction is not so thorough.
(“I prefer having me to anyone else — as long as it’s the actual me.”)

Being able to discriminate between shadows & objects,
echoes & sounds, machines & their guidance systems, words & reality –
that is the awakened man’s ultimate ability.


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