Jan Cox Talk 3251


Daydream Mode Builds False Sense of Solidarity of Self

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The problem-solving mode v. the daydreaming mode of the mind. The brain produces/registers thoughts like the lungs breathe, the heart pumps blood or the kidneys produce urine. The daydream-mode registering process is a reflection of the brain’s monitoring of the physiological status—the physical feeling—of the body from moment to moment; not ‘psychological complexes’ or spiritual influences.

The process carries the sensation of solidity and permanence; of a substantial ego entity that is illusory as such. In the problem-solving mode this sensation is minimal to non-existent; there is no crisis of feeling out-of-control and vulnerable to the whims of fate. (41:50) #3251

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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A Code For Cracking The Case
JANUARY 17, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

You will forever remain confused, distracted, misdirected unless you finally realize
for yourself that ordinary human conversation —
no matter the apparent seriousness of subject —
does not mean anything, is not intended to mean anything and goes on simply because men enjoy talking.

One man says:
“The most important thing is to daily take medicine — and if you have none prescribed, borrow some from a friend, but whatever it takes, by all means,
take some sort of medicine every day.”

The way to get by nicely in the city is thru clichés and stereotypes;
attempting more is wasteful and can be dangerous.
(“We all hate what we don’t recognize.”
“Yeah, except for those of us who really hate it!”)

Two fresh questions for the F.F.F. (the Fearless Fantastic Few):
Is consciousness as ordinarily practiced, worth the bother? — and furthermore:
Did people who are shot, attack bullets?

The Desired Land.
Ideas that support man’s present conception of an inner reality
flood the area sought by the few;
they must learn to inhale water until the toes find solid ground.

To know and then not do accordingly produces a new form of distraction
and useless imagination;
thus do fools dream of themselves as wise-men-in-action.
(What is sadder than watching an unawares train vainly struggling to leave the
station on greased tracks.)

If, as appears with the ordinary, worry can cause weight loss, you should tremble when you consider the consequences should happiness ever get loose.
(Aka: You can’t fool a fat man in a needle factory.)

There is a Song Of Life; it has rhythm, melody, and in man, lyrics:
each of his three circuits plays its part in the song —
and the few luxuriate in its majesty,
(not to mention, humor).

Ordinary men need to believe in the existence of an enemy or they can make no sense of their lives; ergo their collective consciousness has conjured up Satan, Lucifer, etc for their common fall-back convenience.

Another guy’s urging: “What’s really important is not leaving home,
not even leaving your room if possible,
and above all never getting outside your own head and thoughts.”

Just as the alcoholic can never be truly cured, a man’s established
nervous system circuitry can not be rehabilitated;
the drunk must avoid drink and the certain few must eschew the predictable.

The few do not evolve via some set pattern for they are not only the road,
but the destination as well.

Same as with any miracle drug; the side effects of being conscious are anything and everything you can think of.

There is not only a Song Of Life but amidst this Great Investigation also
a Noise Of The Search (though ’tis nothing like the inner din of chaos experienced by the ordinary).

Once the nervous-system-explorer reaches a certain spot, there are thereafter only two rules, and the first one is: There are no rules.
Only criminals need the Law, only sinners the Church, only the weak Politics,
and only the normal, every other intangible thing you can dream up.
While the many continue to lounge in bed, the few are in the kitchen feeding themselves breakfast (and this goes on day & night, around the clock).

Any drug with no side effects is no miracle drug.
“But this is limited to physical matters, right?!”

A father conveyed an occurrence to a son:
“A man once asked me: ‘Wouldn’t it be a good idea never to think the same thing twice?!’ — and I replied: ‘What?’ and he repeated:
‘Wouldn’t it be a good idea never to think the same thing twice?!’
I then leaped in the air, laughed, danced, whirled around in circles, jumped in a ditch,
and rolled in the weeds, ’til he finally said: ‘I believe I see what you’re getting at.'”

“If you are going to cannibalize is it better to do it on yourself?”
“What! – and add incest to your list of crimes!”

A lad asked his dad:
“Can the few ever be in conflict with one another?” and the elder replied by asking:
“What would they be doing together to begin with?”
Later that day the lad inquired again of his father:
“Okay: what if for some reason the few were together, would they then ever get in conflict with each other?” and the elder’s response this time was:
“If the few did get together, why would they then get involved in anything that
could result in conflict between them?!” — and even though he had established the topic with his initial question, the younger was now unclear whether they were talking about people, or a man’s consciousness.
(“Ain’t that always the case,” slipped in the progenitor.)

Ordinary men are driven to believe in imaginary gods, also in the power of words,
resulting in them referring to their holy scriptures as: “The Word Of God.”
(A combo rivaled in scrumpdiddledeliciousness only by gin & vermouth,
peanut butter & jelly.)
There is a most slender bridge that but a few try to pass between the human desire to worship something outside yourself and understanding the desire.
Everyone likes being conscious, but only the consciousness of a few derives
pleasure (not to mention profit) from looking into itself.

One steamy night on a certain tropic isle, a man entered a local den of iniquity and discovered in a dark corner, surrounded by drink, drugs & several comely nymphs,
a well-known mystic, with whom he joined in revelry, eventually noting that while such activities were great fun they certainly could not be condoned nor tolerated in ordinary men, a comment which clearly surprised the guru who instantly perked up and said: “Oh! — you’re a spiritual teacher also.”
There are some things that only a man should know about his self,
and some of these things aren’t worth knowing.

A certain man once found his self with a wild beast which his neighbors said was untamable, but later they discovered him in apparent control of the feral creature,
yet could not ascertain how he effected his will on the beast, and he told them:
“Whatever I want it to do is the very thing I do not
tell it to do and — voila! my friends! — voila.”
And his neighbors roared with laughter, mocking him: “‘Voila’ — HAH!”
And soon previously unseen additional beasts appeared & gobbled up the neighbors.