Jan Cox Talk 3180

Seek the Remnant of Consciousness That Wants Disengagement


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Enlightenment is the disengaging from the endless conversation-game. Consciousness seeks inclusion in the species-wide colloquy. When alone, the dialogue can take the form of daydreaming: replay, recrimination, remonstrance over past events, or rehearsal of the imagined or actually planned. When in company, talk always entails a statement, accusation, or question from one to another, which renders one helplessly prone but willingly obligated to respond.

More than helpless, consciousness proactively seeks to engage in the infinite, meaningless thrust and parry. There is, however, a remnant of it somehow that wants disengagement, and it is that which drives the Few. (39:03) #3180

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3180       ‘The Conversation’

What if there is no individual consciousness? It has got to be impossible for a person with extraordinary interests to look at these two talking heads in a TV drama and see it is not a conversation of separate individuals. It is not two entirely different kingdoms or kings with the ability to control their own thoughts. It’s something else. They are this forced ping pong game that never ends.

It would be fair to say that enlightenment is disengaging. You’re looking at one small part of the conversation and the conversation never ceases. If you look at your own consciousness it is relentlessly seeking engagement with the species wide conversation. Does it ever stop? The conversation is either making a statement or making an accusation. “Let me tell you what kind of guy I am…” Even walking by a window and reading book titles, their consciousness wanted to be engaged in the world wide conversation. When someone reads the title of a book his consciousness either agrees or disagrees, but his consciousness engages with the cold print of a book title. Wanting to wake up is wanting to disengage from that endless meaningless conversation, and yet your consciousness does it 24/7 if you’re not aware of it. If you are aware it stops.    

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Words That Walk-The-Walk In The Minds Of The Few
JULY 30, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

One man likes to listen to what other people say they are thinking –
it cuts down on him having to.
A non verbal hippo confided to his son:
“Parrots only talk because all the other parrots do.”
Yeah – but if they could speak, that’s what they would say about the affair.
Though both hormones and neurons do as they must, it is somewhere between impossible and inconceivable for normal humans to see one half the truth of this.
(“Well still, being only fifty per cent deluded is better than being completely so.”
Don’t bet on it — not for a few.
“But that’s totally irrational.”
Salute when you say that.)

One man had two houses –
one in the city, and one in the country;
everyone does –
not everyone knows it.

One guy found he could get his drugs cheaper elsewhere.

“From another country you mean?!’
Yeah – so to speak.

As they sat in the morning sun, rocking on the porch, the ole man said to the kid:
“On this fine day – I — your father say:
‘A man with an extra chair may always expect company,’ ”
and the nipper scratched a body part and replied:
“Yeah – but if I was an ordinary off spring I could counter by saying that
such a man could just be a guy who has one too many chairs,”
which brought the elder to his feet, exclaiming:
“Ah yes – BUT! – your not saying that proves my point!”
(And upon further reflection [and additional scratching] the youth was about as impressed
with this exchange as one could be [under the circumstances].)
On one world, through the development of a special herbicide,
they have all but eradicated from the consciousness of the people
the entire concept of: under-the-circumstances, (and say that things have
vastly improved therefrom [which of course is easy to say — when you’re on another world.])

A cry was heard coming from a relatively new world:
“Things were going nicely until they got too nicely.”
If everyone who knows what’s-wrong were given unrestricted power,
they would soon regret it.
“If they were awake to what is really going on, you mean?!”
Okay, but the way things presently are is that the only people who fully grasp
why ordinary men find life to be forever askew (and are thus theoretically
the very ones who would know how to correct the problems),
are the ones who never mention such matters.
“To my normal ears that sounds most strange?!?”
Don’t it.

Found written in the dust under a bed in a secluded monastery, these words:
“The only good mystic is a deaf mystic,” followed by a later addition:
“The only better mystic is a mute one.”
A man had a balloon which he blew up SO big that it disappeared.
You ride the train until it vanishes from under you.
“But the real trick is realizing when it has, right?!”
Punch your ticket when you say that, son.

One man had two houses –
one in the city, and one in the country;
and while everyone does (but never realizes it),
he not only did, but made impossible improvements to one of them.

There are no pseudo secrets in the consciousness of escapees.

One man’s car would periodically stall –
which he took to be his fault –
had he been an inner seas rebel sailor, he’d’ve been correct.

The Hardships And Travails Of Secondary Reality Sojourns
As Exemplified By An Excerpt From A Certain Sailor’s Diary.
“After alternative days of fair and foul,
and months of winds favorable, then ill,
we rounded Cape Hope and with spirits tried,
fought our way upwards through those dark and confused seas in the lower latitudes below the subcontinent,
and after much tacking, plotting, danger, dread and continual revision of our course,
we finally emerged into the calm sunlight and made a secure landing
in the beautiful bay at the foot of my pre frontal lobes.”

Even though from the perspective of the prisoner therein, his one person cell seems to offer the height of privacy: there are no secrets in prison;
everyone there is inescapably plugged into a prison wide mental network
whereby everyone’s thinking is uncontrollably connected to everyone else’s.

There are no secrets in prison.

If your consciousness is clear at least you can never be guilty of duplicity.

The real rule of civilization (same as for men’s thinking) is not one of individual reason, but one of a greater, collective rationale;
just as all good does some harm to some,
so does all individually perceived rationality contain its own larger IRrationality.
The amount of water that can support a skiff can spell disaster for a schooner.

Preparation & Comprehension.
One man cooked only for himself –
that’s all he could do –
‘cause he’d always eat everything as fast as it was done.
(P.S. He was the chef on a train — on a line owned by his family line.)

A clean house is a happy house —
a dust free house is a happy house —
an uncluttered house is a happy house,
but the happiest house of all is one entirely cleared out (least for the certain man).

How Consciousness Works (Part 243).
The ad asks: “Have you ever known anyone who died with too much life insurance!”

This e-mail just in: “In reference to an earlier story today:
do you think that in men’s well known urging to have-a-clear-conscience
they somehow got the last word confused with consciousness?”

The ole man said to the kid:
“Remember: anything that can be divided into two,
and which man’s natural consciousness finds satisfactory,
is either: not worth any notice, or can be split into three.”

There are no secrets in prison.

A kid pondered; “Why do adults in their proverbs specify a certain individual
when it is everybody who wants to have their cake and eat it too?”

Two kids were playing around in the kitchen,
engaged in verbal volleying and one proposed:
“What is the difference between listening to other people’s words
and sticking a blender into your brain?”

Beneath the surface of one world flows a stream,
whose felt presence has caused the creatures there to propose the existence of

underworlds, spirit spheres, mythical domains, sub conscious realms and the like – but none of those are what the stream really is.

There are no secrets in sheep pens.

There’s a special train that runs in the direction-of Elysia,
but to get on it, you’ve got to really get on it! – and stay there! –
long enough to be able to realize when it has run its course.
(“You’re really referring to your own thinking, aren’t you?”

City Sports.
Prison jockeys will only ride a dead horse.

The Dirty Little Secret.
Anyone can be more clearly conscious – right this instant – by just trying to be.
(Question: Which do you think this is primarily: Dirty, a Secret, or Little?)

A father said to a son:
“If you don’t find the idea of internally, being-in-prison hilarious —
you’re not my kind of con.”

An empty house needs no secrets.

The Literary Life & Unlikely Recognition In The City.
He who can make endless footnotes with his neurons
will never owe on overdue books like the rest of the population.
The true inner adventurer goes (at no additional cost) where other men care not to go.

Life wears a skirt –
and is always walking up stairs and standing on high places –
without any underwear (at least for the rebel’s eyes/I’s).

One man,
soon as he got out of bed,
was already ahead (because you see):
he’d get up alone.


* * *


Today’s News concludes with more excerpts from the forbidden secret writings
known at various times as: “Words Of Cryptic Knowledge,”
“Ideas Of Unpredictable Results,” and: “Advice Of Apocryphal Value.”
(And of course as always, also known as: UFN’s: Unidentified Flying Nevers.)

Never grin-and-bare-it unless you’re the m.c. at a flasher’s convention.

Never fly on an airline which has the term, cul-de-sac in its slogan.

Never offer to go one-on-one with a bus load of amphetamine crazed
Iranian nude wrestlers.

Never seek a degree from a university whose motto is: “Would We Lie To You.”

Never smile at a man with a used car for sale (or an extra wife).

Never let a mid-level IRS agent lead-you-in-prayer,
(or anywhere else for that matter).

Never speak to a child during puberty.

Never vote for anyone in the belief that one day it may do-you-some-good.

Never waste your bullets or wit on a dead man.

Never ask a judge if you can adopt a Girl Scout troop, “just for the weekend.”

Never appear to be willing-and-able-bodied.

Never dress up and put-on-the-Ritz
(unless you know for sure that the Ritz appreciates such humor).

Never demand extensive employment benefits when applying for a job as
a sperm donor.

Never take serious anything you might see out of a hotel window.

Never be the first-on-your-block.

Never actually stay all night at an all-night restaurant.

Never defend to your death their right to say anything.

Never respect-your-elders – they sure as hell don’t respect you. (And):

Never hesitate to laugh at things you don’t understand – how else will you ever learn.

* * *