Jan Cox Talk 3175

Consciousness Promotes Itself as Stable via Thoughts of a God


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

It is important to remember: when consciousness talks about god or religion it is at its closest approach to talking about itself. But this is after it creates ‘you’ (the Adam in the Garden of Eden). Consciousness talks about itself, but cannot do so directly. It talks incessantly about itself (because all intangibles are made up of consciousness) but never by name. Among the attributes it gives to god (itself, outside itself) is stability and permanence.

Thus does it give itself the notion that there is at least one thing absolutely dependable—that cannot betray. Also attributed at the core of god/religion is love, compassion for one’s fellow man, yet nothing is more capable than religion of engendering killingly, nonpareil hatred. How can this be? Also, note that nobody notices this. Isn’t it fascinating? (34:36) #3175

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3175      When man’s consciousness talks about religion, that is the closest it ever comes to talking about itself. But I am not talking about religion-it is consciousness. After consciousness invented you, then it invented some other intangible thing inside your body other than you. First there was Adam and then Adam heard the voice of god. Consciousness made up the ‘you’, a pure invention, but you say that’s me thinking about me. It’s consciousness talking about itself. It created a stable something. It conjured up an intangible person. But it cannot speak about itself directly. Everyone made up their thoughts. Why is the primary characteristic that it instills on this god they made up unconditional dependability? You can count on god.

Religion-all say at their core is love. Nothing in the entire life of man engenders hatred like religion. That’s irrational, but no one notices. I don’t say consciousness did it or not, I don’t say anything in reaction to what I pointed out. Religion: 1. consciousness made it up, 2. idea of love, 3. unparalled hatred.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Anti Bossy Vaccine
JULY 19, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

One day in the woods just outside the city, a lion and computer fell into conversation, with the machine becoming totally confused trying to conceive of what the beast meant by the word: doing, and the lion, after listening to the computer describe its interests, being helpless to comprehend why anyone would be interested in anything
they can’t eat.
What seems to be up — came from down,
the sky is barren without the ground,
and the link is there — to be found.
The normal conversations between a man’s thoughts and his own inner hearing
lead only to a reaffirming of his already established mental conceptions of reality.
(Known among the nervous-system-rebels as: day time dreams).

Regarding Talk & What Is Said
A recent visitor to this world said what he found most interesting about humans
was how many love to sing, but how few clearly care for music.

A chap under a tree in the rain (but not under the weather) observed:
“Is it not interesting that not one person who has ever awakened to what life is
really about, had after that, a single critical word to say about it.”

Concerning Synaptic Connections
Pointed note made by a father to his brood:
“If they come to get one of us – they will probably take all of us.”

People who don’t think — think a lot about their self.

Of Interest Possibly Only To Life (And The Super Alert Few).
Many informal conversations between normally intelligent men have led to naught.
(Same with serious confabs).
In man’s intangible reality: no one knows where any undertaking will ultimately lead.
(Actually a few do – but they’re never involved in such. Interesting, no?!)

One man (having scant success in reeling in his mind) as a stop gap measure:
broke its rod and tangled its line.
(Another unbelievable fish story.)

Jazz musicians, in their soloing, complain of other players in the band:
stepping on their note;
in ordinary men’s everyday verbal life, were doing so not the case,
the entire affair would collapse.
Only the man trying to get to the bottom of things actually listens to himself
talk and think.
(Something as uninteresting to routine minds as jazz is to accountants.)

Man came up with the notion of him having a spirit (of some vague sort)
shortly after his mind early (in the game) told him to look someplace besides it
for an explanation of himself.
(Way-y-y beyond merely interesting, huh?!)

When you have no personally developed self you can afford to be self absorbed; indeed at its price — how can you pass it up?!

One man with an extreme visual handicap confides:
“Sometimes being blind’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

Everybody’s sick of something —
the certain man’s way out is by being sick of being such a person.
When he begins, the nervous system rebel wants to awaken on behalf of everyone;
ultimately (when he wises up): just for his self (as it has to be anyway).
One man when he finally made it to the edge of his inner reality,
changed his name to Anyway.

One thing the outlier will not tolerate is the gradual smell of decay.

Regarding Confusing Hormones For Neurons.
Men are commonly lulled to sleep by a radiator humming Schubert,
while not understanding that Franz is in the basement in the furnace.

A guy says: “One of the good things about being famous is that
when other people are around — you can’t be yourself.”

If you feel lost, remember this: only you can save you:
“But how can that be – there’s only one OF you?”
If you feel lost, remember: you have more problems than just feeling lost.

A father said to a son: “While from the rebel’s view it can be said that the ordinary
tend to take life too seriously (but fair’s fair, even for a bear) so let it be noted that
also can the outlier take his non standard view of things too seriously.”
“With an unprofitable result?”
“Si: that he become no different than the ordinary in this useless seriousness.
For the certain man, there can be but one example of seriousness:
looking for an actual tourniquet for an actual gash.”

The Mythical Orient Express And The Inner Journey Revisited.
One man who deeply wanted to see Istanbul had to stop hanging around
the Paris train station once he realized it was his own congenital mind.
(Its dreams of travel and exotic locales being far too seriously specific.)
When bagels overeat at bedtime their nightmares are always of rabbis;
if the justice of conjunctions and the equity of the inevitable become any more flagrant, the apparent distance twixt things Gaelic & Turk could be measured in millimeters.

The Horrors Of Any Apparent Estrangement Between Hormones & Neurons.
There was once a man who developed a land submarine,
in which he could remain cut off from life, or peer out at things through the periscope.
(And he wants it known that he has nothing whatever to do with
radiators hissing and furnaces growling, or lions and computers conversing.)

One kid has a theory that if you constantly station yourself around
impressive looking doors, eventually someone will say: “The king will see you now.”
Even after you realize what is going on, your understanding of it will yet widen
and deepen – if you persist, and if you do not – decay creeps in;
attacking first your nose to diminish the offensive smell
now coming from your brain.
Too long loitering in the Paris terminal covers one in a private, rank funk.
“But the kid’s theory was that if you hang around the right door long enough
someone will eventually let you in to see the king of Istanbul and enlightenment.”
Maybe — but the only way this occurs is just after you have realized the voice you hear is your own consciousness and the door is your own natural born mind.
One man says it comes down to this:
after you have established agriculture,
discovered fire,
invented the wheel,
developed crotchless panties and bandages –
what are you going to do with your ability to think then?

The answer to that for the few is:
Learn the needed manner by which to cry out inside your own head: “All aboard!”