Jan Cox Talk 3174

Consciousness Only Talks to Itself


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

It’s not: ‘what consciousness does to a man’, but ‘what consciousness does to itself’. Consciousness has no one to talk to but itself; this is disguised by the fictional ‘you’ to which it addresses itself. To all the unanswerable questions it poses to itself, consciousness makes up the answer: ‘we’ll know all the answers in the great by and by’. Awakening involves the literal expansion of conscious operations into abnormal, unnatural areas of the brain: the enlargement of its purview. (49:02) #3174

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3174       Whatever consciousness is doing it’s doing to itself. Ordinarily people distinguish between their thoughts and you. And then someone says “after you die you’ll understand all the questions, or someone diagnosed with a terminal illness might miraculously recover. The doctor says he’s seen people with a spirit takeover and they do not die. Your consciousness is surrounded by words written and spoken making reference to things that are unaccountable like consciousness reaching down to the brainstem and affecting the immune system-but it’s not miraculous. It can’t do it consciously. People have done it but not to the extent that they could explain it.

Your body has the facilities to ward off everything. “My consciousness at its best should be able to contact some part of the brain and cure it.” They may chant or pray and cure it, but consciousness can’t come back and say this is how you do it. It’s not you that did it but consciousness has enlarged the area in which it operates in the brain. Their consciousness in their brain had its very first original thought, the one and only consciousness that’s in their brain. It’s consciousness doing it.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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JULY 16, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
It’s All About TheThing

To a flea every foot is a foe,
and to a fawn, every lion — but note:
the dangers to each creature are selective and limited,
save with man and the matter of his thoughts.
Said a father to a son:
“Although some things when described a certain way seem to be irrefutable facts,
there are in fact – no irrefutable facts.”
“You mean except that one?!”
“How many times must that be responded to.”
Then the elder continued:
“Everything morphs into everything else, and only snoozing bystanders miss it.”
“So that’s what: being-asleep and unenlightened really is?!”
“Have you ever pondered over how many ways there are to picture this situation?”
“An infinite number?!”
“And questioned why this should be so?”
After a pause, the pater pressed on:
“If thinking was a sport, ordinary consciousness would be like a boxer who,
with every blow taken, becomes meaninglessly invigorated and stronger.”
“And the key word there is: meaninglessly?!”
“Yes, keeping in mind its occult applicability to all of man’s incorporeal activities.”
“From our lineage’s perspective, you mean?”
“Indeed, young snipperwhapper.”

A chap hanging recently about city college’s Poli-Sci department
is handing out slips of paper that ask this question:
“Is the Grand Right Of Man the right of the ignorant to be led by the wise –
or: the right of the wise to have the ignorant to lead around?”
(After reading the query, one of the grounds keepers demanded to know if this was referring to actual people or to certain areas in a man’s consciousness.)
Men came up with the expression: “Everybody has to serve somebody”
to gloss over the fact that everybody is in captivity.
All caged animals (leastwise those in the care of a humane captor)
are always thrown a few entertaining trinkets to distract them from their condition;
even simple minded creatures deserve this much.

One of the zoo’s lion keepers offers:
“Those who appear to strive hardest in life have about them a certain air
of dedicated seriousness, which can be easily ridiculed –
but do take note that they are only following the lead of their captor,
which (wouldn’t you agree) by any rational measure is a smart thing to do.

Regarding the apparent endless labyrinth of routine mortal affairs,
a father said to a son:
“If all that seems available to do at the moment strikes you as being:
too common;
too close;
too familiar;
too simple, obvious and boring — go ahead with it,
and by so doing, the more exotic, complex and unexpected can be discovered.”
(And what could be more fitting for ignorant children than kiddy instructions.)

If consciousness is the bowl and thoughts the salad therein;
if consciousness is the canvas and thoughts the scene painted thereon, then ponder:
is consciousness a noun and thoughts a verb? – or could it be the other way around?
Could consciousness be the only activity in the entire universe that does nothing?
Pursuing this can strip the shellac off everything.

If you take the time to be personally depressed in the midst of an earthquake,
you are indeed an admirably ordinary human being.

How Words Work.
One non-gun-savvy guy thinks a semi automatic rifle is for people already half shot.

One man is given to referring to his self as — living proof. (He doesn’t elaborate.)

Comedians unsure of their wit laugh at their own jokes for the same reason that
people who understand nothing continually talk about their self.

One man concluded that he had been modified & edited to fit his format & time slot.

After hearing the term: “grand and musky museum,” used to describe a space,
one man’s consciousness said: “Thanks.”
(There is another chap who considers his own upstairs as an experimental lab.)

Regarding his TV viewing: one man says he likes travelogues because they
remind him of his own thinking: always-on-the-go.
(One of the previous potential sponsors for his programming said: “Don’t you wish.”)

This thought appeared in a man’s brain:
“If you lived where there was no doctor to diagnose,
would you get sick in the same way you do when there is one available?”
and in sudden, surprising reaction, a non genetic part of his consciousness injected:
“Would you be asleep and unenlightened in the same way you think yourself
now to be if no one had been there to tell you that you were?” —
but the man wasn’t able to grasp the connection.
(“It’s weird, is it not” mused another chap, “to be able to puzzle yourself!” )

Only worms discuss flight – never eagles;
you either know or you don’t.

Predictability: The simple’s drug of choice.

Choice: What?! — are you playing with me! (And an entire city was unable to get the gist of this one.)

Real Adults’ Getting-Around Tip.
The designated bus stops are not the only place to catch a ride.
(“And my pop says the consciousness you normally hear describing
and analyzing life to you is not the only one available [leastwise in our family line.]”)

“Everyone is going on a most unusual journey:
one whose both duration and destination are unknown:
a most strange voyage indeed.”
“You’re talking about death?!”
“I more in mind had St. Louis.”

There was once a man who discovered an unusual fruit which he offered to share
with others, but they said they preferred the old ones to which they were accustomed;
so he chewed on this…….then told them that the new fruit contained everything
they enjoyed about the old ones – but still they resisted;
he then tried telling them that it was in fact the original – and thus superior form of what their present fruits had become – but they would have none of it;
so he went in the opposite verbal direction and said that the new fruit was a more modern edition of their well known varieties, but alas: still no go – so! –
he finally just took their old fruit and stuffed the new one into it.
This is the concluding line in the fit-for-the-normal-family version of the tale;
the rebel’s ends ergo:
“So: he finally just enjoyed the fruit alone – like you’re supposed to.”
What the certain man discovers when he awakens to what is really going on is that: everything merges into everything else while man’s natural born thoughts are busy somewhere else:
this is what: being-asleep, unenlightened, in-captivity and ordinary is all about.

When he heard that his father was terminally ill, a son cried:
“I can’t believe that you’re dying!”
“You can’t?! — think about me: you can’t help feeling that way
since your very existence depends on me — but me! —
just try to think how it seems from my perspective.”

The Eternal Transition.
Everything in man’s intangible reality eventually segues into everything else.


Everything’s About TheThing