Jan Cox Talk 3148

The Joy of Being Your Own Herd


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Notes by TK 

The cultural world can’t speak for itself.  Human minds are necessary to describe it.  History in the form of photographs must be interpreted—they can’t explain themselves.  Observers of an historic photographic exhibition are at a loss w/o attendant descriptions of what is depicted. (47:00) #3148

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3148       The first ritual was Adam: the ‘I’ will self remember every day. If you haven’t been severely embarrassed by looking at your own consciousness, you haven’t even started. The way consciousness creates this dream world requires a human for this world to be heeded. Things in the cultural world cannot speak for themselves; someone must come along with words.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Anti Nytol For The Neurally Naughty
MAY 17, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

How Progress in Man’s Spiritual & Cultural Worlds Proceeds.
Commonly do people play trumpets before they can sing,
and become full blown authorities before becoming full fledged people:
this is metaphorically couched fact, not criticism: that is another activity
exclusively exercised by the full time citizens of that intangible realm.

In an unknown part of the universe is a printing plant where is published
all the bad news, and human thought is the typeface.

To the minds of ordinary men-cum-prisoners: death appears the only actual escape;
what does this say about their life?
One man muses: “You ever notice how everyone’s posture is good in a casket.
With everyday people: if appearances are NOT everything — pray tell: What is? Nothing of course: once you go beyond sexual attraction and step into that
special realm of things intangible which alone makes man the unique being he be’s; EVERYTHING is a matter of appearances: mental and verbal appearances,
that’s all is there, and all there ever will be,
and regardless of education, sophistication or anything else:
no ordinary consciousness can ever see this.

The thinking that comes from man’s collective mind is a form of intimidation.
(Dig it): The Exercise Of Regal Authority.

No bundle of literally useless ideas can become an Institution until it has raised commanding structures, both physically and in impressive numbers, mentally;
only when the size of a duck herd has reached some unspecified, critical mass
can it (with a straight and authoritative face) present itself as a professional
Tap Dance Troupe.
The man who wakes up to what is really going on with life privately establishes
in his own consciousness a kind of anti-establishment institution,
wherein he is the only member, the single chairman, and sole by law.
“Pa pa: did you have a by law you lived by when you were young?”
“Yes: not to get old and internally institutionalized — by my own mental hand.”
The broadcasts which life routinely beams to men’s minds
seem to ordinary ones to become weightier as they age.
“The physical aspects of aging do not bother me nearly as much as does
the propensity of my mind to atrophy.”
“Now now sir: don’t get upset: just go settle yourself down in that nice
easy chair over there, and someone will come see about you — sooner or later.”
One religion believes that Paradise is an All New Furniture Store.
“Where I won’t ever again have to worry over all the…………what d’ya call it?”
“Small stuff.”
“Yeah: small stuff: like all the furnishings that came with the house I was born in.”
“You mean the house in you that you were born with.”
“Yeah — right.”

One kid says the most fun you can have with habit is hurting it.

In Re Would Be Escapees’ Struggle To Mentally Nourish Themselves
For The Endeavor.
Diners must be alert not to mistake a waiter’s offering of chocolate mousse
for the anguished cries of cream being boiled.

One man on the trail of TheThing spends the first ten minutes after he
awakens in the morning ridding his mind and vocabulary of needless modifiers.
His watchword is: Clean perception — lean analysis.

To an independent mind: 1 plus 1 can be almost anything.

Only those trapped in the middle of the city will try to define the difference between: many, and: few.
On one world, the creatures’ progress was stymied by their failure to ever start separating: this from that.
(Note: Only in a place of animals, or men-who-know can such a condition thrive.)

To be serious about city matters is to be captive with no need for a cell.

The intellectual life of non thinkers consists entirely of comments on
the thoughts of others.
If you can’t grow oranges — open an orange juice stand.
This is: The Way Of The Ordinary Mind: The Track Of Incorporeal Progress;
(understanding what it is keeps you from being crushed by it.)

An ordinary mind is like a besieged city harboring a fifth column;
average citizens never recognize the situation —
they only suffer the confusion and uncertainty that results therefrom.
Men of conventional consciousness all clutch vipers to their breasts:
their naturally appearing thoughts being the viper; their mind, their breast.
(P.S. The snakes are obviously non fatal, and men’s minds clearly
quite resilient to attack.)

The nervous-system-rebel alone is not forced to think about things
about which he has no interest.

One man was given to saying:
“Let’s look at the big picture — let’s look at the big picture,”
then one day he actually saw it and damn near shit!
(One man uses exclamation points ONLY in his private thoughts.)

Man’s Mental-Only Realm.
Holding-it-all-together is ordinary thought’s primary job;
if the structure of such city institutions as Religion, Patriotism, Art, Philosophy, et al. is allowed to become loose — they will collapse;
(thus to have a History to come home to you must refer frequently of Herodotus).
Among rebels, life in the city is also know as: Prop Up Time
[equally so of course, apropos the commonly utilized area of your mind.])

The supreme joy of being your own herd is that then you can no longer be
pushed around by the majority.
(“How better described can: being awake be.”)