Jan Cox Talk 3134

The Quest Is to Un-entangle With Your Emotional Habit-Nature


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Notes by TK

The attempt to awaken is the seeking of a disconnect between conscious thinking and your temperament. It is to be objective, clinical, un-entangled w/ ordinary emotional habit-nature. (45:33) #3134

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Tracking The Only Medium Of Value To The Dedicated Escapee
April 14, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

A father said to a son:
“You should find it interesting how strongly do those who don’t know what’s going on dislike hearing everything divided into things that can be touched and measured,
and those that can’t.”

One man muses: “Everyone talks about thoughts, and everyone speaks as though they know what thoughts are, but the fact is: no one knows what thoughts are;
is that neat and weird or what?!”
Indeed, it is the very sort of thing which, if pursued by the few to its finale,
would make their current condition of consciousness impossible to maintain.

On one world: everyone rides on the backs of everyone else —
except for those who trip — they get worshiped.

Excerpt from an introductory genetics textbook used in another land:
“The past can drive the human mind crazy —
especially in the present (in fact some experts claim: only in the present).”
To actually get anywhere in the rebel’s attempted journey you have to ignore where your ordinary thoughts say you’ve been; that’s why when the real-deal-man suddenly
shows up in that certain place no one knows where he came from or how he got there.
(“Is this the reason you can’t be told how to wake-up?”)

Combined Geology & Proverb Update.
Nothing not found laying on the ground is ever what men say that it’s cracked up to be.

To a son a father suggested: “Start compiling a list of the things men enjoy,
but would not have were it not for thoughts.”

In the physical, genetic sense: there is no ultimate freedom from the herd,
but there is liberation possible from accepting the hoof beats of the many
as being the sound of your own thinking.
The conventional cows of the collective know not of this difference so for them,
there is no difference (in essence men tacitly proclaim):
“What the prevailing belief momentarily happens to be in my community
just happens to be my belief also” —
for an ordinary life, a man’s consciousness cannot operate otherwise.
By their shared genes, all men fit-in physically, and by shared ideas,
they do so in a mentally based, social sense: Democrats with Democrats,
Christians with Christians, Holsteins with Holsteins, and so on.
To know what is going on is to be internally — the supreme outsider.
“Is that what makes this activity such fun, pa pa?”
“And portable as well.”

To check on his progress:
one man at unexpected times calls himself on the phone
just to see if he still recognizes his voice.

Men find their greatest relief from the stress of being alive and ordinary in talk:
words about matters which have no material reality are routine men’s
supreme comfort,
while on the other hand they can be the certain man’s most salient stumbling block,
(not to mention, annoyance.)

“Pa pa: How does that most shaky of constructs, man’s-collective-intelligence, manage to hang together?”
“By those involved pretending that it is meaningful.”

A Heretofore Forbidden Explanation Of A Common Household Matter.
Contrary to the prevailing foolish folklore: mice do not get killed in spring traps because of their desire to get the food placed there, but rather they knowingly sacrifice themselves to the contraption because they know that humans expect it.

Empty people always prove full of themselves.

There is a grander trick than making an elephant disappear, or sawing a person in half: keeping aging, squinty-eyed, pissed-off, gradually-weakening hormones
from completely swamping your neurons.
Fact: For every question man can pose there is an answer —
“Yes,” agrees one well seasoned man,
“and I increasingly find them all highly irritating and unacceptable.”
One group in another galaxy believes that death is simply the inevitable climax to
a life of anger and criticism.
(“If you ask me: all aliens are idiots.” Spoken like a solid, patriotic sheep.)
Men believe that their strongest allegiance is to either their nation, culture or religion, but not so: such are but the reflections of the sole underlying fidelity:
that of their mind to the thoughts that magically pass there through.
“What a scene to behold my boy: smoke from a train that alone propels the train.”
“But that is not possible, father dear.”
“What can I tell you.”

To help sustain his progress:
one man never answers a phone call from the past —
or takes seriously a contemporary one from an ordinary minded person.

Physically: everyone is eventually a victim;
intangibly: the ordinary minded are multiple times.

Initially many people appear that they may do all right — then they get serious.

At the ferociously independent level necessary for the certain man’s aim:
the purpose of thinking is to think — not to find proof of something.

What the mind sees is never necessarily what it has the tongue say it sees.

The Geography Of Weather.
Illusions are not confined to the optics.

A father noted to a son:
“While those with no blood on their hands can write best sellers about murderers,
and stay-at-homers can author successful books on space travel,
no one not awake can write about it in a way that will interest people who want to be.”
“But that very thing appears to continually occur?!”
“So! — what can I say.”

At odd moments during otherwise conventional conversations,
one man will periodically throw into the discourse:
“Of course what you see before you now is but an abridgment of the complete me.”

To entertain himself in the only way possible:
one man reads only his own work.


One guy says: “Have you thought about the possibility that only a Liberated man is completely dead?”