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As Close as the Brain Is, It Still Must Create Infinitely Distant Heroes


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Notes by TK

Nothing is closer to a person than his own brain, his mind. Yet its creation, god, is taken to be as distant and non-human (e.g., omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, infinite, etc.) as possible. The mind absolutely disclaims any godlike attributes at the same time it invokes them for itself in another form: god.

In its own purview, the intangible, the mind is ever present (to itself), all-powerful (nothing it can’t make up) and all knowing (there is nothing the mind can’t know since there is nothing outside of knowing, for the mind). The more free time the mind has, the more it talks about itself (literature, politics, psychology, i.e., all cultural, intangible endeavors). (36:14) #3095

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Directions For Turning Gold Into Something Actually Useful
January 14, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

How Things COULD Work, If You Twisted Them Around Enough In Your Thoughts, Or: How Things Might Actually BE Working, But You Can’t SEE Because Of
Your Untwisted-Around Thinking.

One man says he knows a sure way to keep from ever getting ocular melanoma:
first get it in one eye (and of course have it removed),
then statistically there is zero possibility of getting it in the remaining one.
Query: What if something is wrong in this approach? — and furthermore:
what could it have to do with the dance team: living-in-a-dream & waking-up?
(By the way: it was this same man’s cousin who once gave his rundown on
sustaining metaphysical fame: he said the way to prolong being a famous
spiritual guru is to first announce that you are an awakened master,
then become a famous guru for as long as you can,
and when it starts to fade, confess that you are not actually awake,
and within a week or so your stardom will pick back up: as a rehabilitated fraud.)
Query: What if anything in all the above might be of practical use to a man who isn’t
hung up on the cachet of junkyards?!

Politics, Religion & Video Tapes Not Rewound.
When the ideas of their foes seem to be momentarily prevailing, men will not infrequently state: “Under some circumstances: the truth carries no weight” —
a claim to whose implications they must render themselves oblivious,
for if it is possible under any conditions for the truth to have no weight,
then the very existence of such a thing as: the truth comes into question,
(a possibility they would adamantly deny, perforce their position in
the standard scheme of man’s second reality).

When other cows tell you that you’re hot stuff —
it’s hard for a simple bovine to keep a cool level head.
Relevant Fact: There is no humility in a rain forest.

A father said to a son:
“You could see the source of all of what men call their ‘troubles’
arising from the fact that you can talk about things which have a material reality,
and about things which do not, and all the troubles coming from men applying
the same verbal criteria to the latter as they do the former.”

One man says: “The reason politicians, preachers and psychiatrists sound so annoying is that while no one knows what’s wrong or how to fix it, they must pretend they do — and while a man may be able to fool another man, he cannot fool his own voice.”

“It sure is easy for those not naturally given to crying to pooh-pooh those who do.”
“It is also easy — and natural — for a soaring eagle to crap (accidentally of course)
on a turtle down below.”
“Huh! — I never thought of that.”

Ah! — The Verbal Life!
There is nothing you can say that is more pleasing to an ordinary man
than quoting to him, his own words,
(and nothing more boring to an awakened one).

Ideological passions ebb & flow without any actual consequences,
while a shift in hormones changes everything.
“You mean: in-a-man?!”
No — in Thailand.

One man thinks of his life as divided in two segments:
the times when he is home — and the times he is not.
(Regarding rural residency: another guy says that being awake is like being: “Triple fried in a double wide.”)

“Working on neurons may not help hormones,
but it can sure do neurons a heap a’ good.”
“Who told you it won’t help hormones?!”
“Well………me — I guess.”
“Well — there you are.”
“Yeah, I’s afraid of that.”

One way to tell that a man’s activity has no substance
is that he takes it full-bore seriously.

The most imperative ingredient in ordinary sanity is continuity
(which also happens to be the bane of certain man’s quest.)

A father said to a son:
“The ordinary mind cannot know any particular something without saying that it does.
Now consider: Why did I bother to tell you this?”
(In older sexual times ‘twas said: “She stoops to conquer” —
for today’s rebel ‘tis: “He stoops when he speaks.”)

Life & Man In A Musical Setting.
MC: “Okay: you boys tuned up and ready to go?”
Band: “What’s, ‘tuned up?’”

One guy who constantly said that he was: “Saying this for the last time” —
sometimes actually would — just to confound his critics.
The only criticism of interest to the rebel is that which comes from his own
natural born synapses — and it only until he fully realizes what is going on.
A waterfall noted: “It is truly refreshing how much better I flow
now that I have gotten my imaginary me off of my back,”
and a passing pelican couldn’t see how the hell he can,
since even the subtraction of a hundred per cent from nothing still represents only minimal change (but then again: what the fuck does a stupid bird understand!)

One guy finds this conundrum quite tasty:
“If a man is not critical of things: how can he ever learn how to think? –
and if he is: then when will he ever have the free time to learn to do so?”
(Bonus bon bon: Unanswerable questions don’t represent the same thing to a rebel
as they do to everyone else.)

Sex, Gurus & “I’ll Roll Over On Him.”
Recipients of free counterfeit money only turn on the source
when they are caught with it.
(The thrice-eyed’s cry:
“If I’m going to be misled then by gawd I’ll be the one to do it!”)

Those who talk for a living (such as politicians and preachers) need to
constantly mention their lack of ambiguity
(to compensate for the human mind’s natural state thereof).

One guy had some favorite thoughts he’d think —
then sometimes he’d let ‘em think him.
A son one Saturday said to a father:
“You know what’s been stirring my thoughts lately:
If the trick to waking up is in controlling your attention,
then what is there in you other than your attention to do the controlling?”
(And the elder was again reminded of how nothing contributes to
an enjoyable weekend like an insightful child,
[and perhaps an all-nighter with Gravacious Lumpfuck.])

The ordinary (when things are not going their way) pay lip service to the idea that: “Everything contains its own seeds of destruction” — which (regarding the various intangible matters that make up man’s cultural reality) is true enough,
but equally as valid — and totally ignored — is that every concept man’s mind invents that is not a verbal representation of something material,
also contains the seeds of its infinite reproduction, mutation and spread;
ergo you cannot keep Rip van Winkle from destroying himself,
nor can you stop him from unconstrained self replication.
The pertinence of this for the few rests obviously not in the realm of fairy tales,
but in their brain’s own synaptic activity.

At sunrise synaptic formation, the sergeant said to the young recruits:
“If you’re gonna be testy — be REALLY testy!
(After all: it only takes half-ass efforts to stay asleep.)”