Jan Cox Talk 3084

The Mind Pretends to Study Itself & You Know What Pretension Is…


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Notes by TK

Everyone’s consciousness is attempting to awaken. It tries in any form, however crude, to grasp itself, to answer the question: ‘what is this consciousness?’ Yet these mind activities (e.g., psychology, philosophy, etc.) can also be seen as a kind of hiding from itself. The activities are a thwarting of and distraction from their professed purpose: to understand the mind. The field of study is always of externals; yet having created the field of study, it is, paradoxically, a de facto study of itself.

What is going on here? The activity of objective scientific methodology is not self-defeating in this way. The mind cannot objectively look at itself and will not admit so. Thus, the mind in effect pretends to study itself. Pretense = sleep. (39:36) #3084

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Corrective Eye/I Surgery For The Few
December 19, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Everybody Is, Has, Wants, Needs, Believes, Fears:
An Allegory Collection (Part 1).

Everybody is on a hit list.

Life is what it is — unless you make it something else —
then it is what you’ve made it and we’re back to where this comment commenced.

Everybody is a prime suspect.

One man tried to make a pact with himself but wouldn’t go for it.

Everybody has a dream.

“If you can tell what a man is like internally, he’s not awake.”
“Why couldn’t you be mistaken about telling what he’s like,
and you be the one who’s not awake?”
“Humf! Anyone who would ask such a question is certainly not awake!”
“Why couldn’t you be wrong in everything you’re saying,
and it be you who’s not awake?”
“Okay…..well…..okay: because I’m the one saying it…..okay?”
“Well…..I guess.”

Everybody fears an invasion.

“People lose faith in their leaders as they begin to understand the nature of life.”
“How often does this occur?”
“Hardly ever.”

Everybody has a suspicion.

By Play.
“Those born attractive take success for granted,
while a plain looking person who makes it feels proud.”
“How does this relate to people born with just an ordinary state of consciousness?”
“Well…..gee, I don’t think it does?!?”

Everybody is in breech of contract.

While visiting a community of people dedicated to achieving enlightenment,
a man said: “I once read a book about pole vaulting — does that count?”

Everybody sees the situation as deteriorating.

“The neat thing about going to places that don’t exist is that
at least there’s no danger of never returning.”
“You’re sure of that?”

Everybody expects a miracle.

Those totally surrounded by peers are always: “seeking the approval of their peers.”

Everybody has a second job.

Those who don’t get it are surrounded by nothing but peers.
“My gawd! — I’m up to my necks in me’s!”

Everybody feels they’re out of the loop.

The man who knows is sui generis in every way that doesn’t show.

Everybody needs a lawyer.

Those with tender dicks and no understanding like to speak of:

Everybody is under consideration.

The great thing about funerals over football is that if you get there late,
you haven’t missed anything.

Everybody has an explanation.

Traditions hold everything together — except the certain man.

Everybody wonders where the ark is (and if it really exists.)

A man shouldn’t expect to find anything fun & interesting for more than four months — except that one thing.

Everybody wonders why Adam screwed everything up.

One man says: “Being about to whine,
soothes my mind.”

Everybody has an imaginary friend.

Says a guy: “If being awake is seeing what is there rather than what you think is there then you can never be completely awake —
not as long as you have any thought about being so — no?!”

Everybody believes if they were a woman they would be popular.

Nothing that any human can say about man’s spiritual/cultural/artistic/intellectual worlds can be anything other than entirely ipse dixitical
(and he who finally sees this also realizes the speciousness of the ipse concept.)
A radio that grasps the nature of speakers is no longer just a passive receiver.
(“My gawd Winslow! — is that not a terrifying picture:
an awakened television set secretly moving/walking around among us!”)

Everybody is looking for a bargain too good to be true.

Having thoughts and not trying to wake up is like having medicine and not taking it.

Everybody’s thing is in the mail — it’s just a question of whether you can
stick around long enough for delivery to be made,
(and finally realize where your front door actually is.)

Trying to awaken is a kind of supreme, un-measurable brinkmanship.