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Noting That Only The Creator Of A Pastime Can Keep Its Score
November 14, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The reason ordinary people do not believe in the transcendental is that
when they look for it — they look outside themselves, and thus will never see.
To his promising son, a father said:
“Until you are from another world — you are not yet home.”

Under routine conditions, man’s mind continually underestimates
its entanglement with its environment,
but when winds blow strong enough — elephants can sail through the air.
Note: Only extremely witless fish will bad-mouth water (leastwise, to its face).
Note Number Two: On one world, neurons live inside of hormones.

Proof In The City.
Anecdotal evidence is to acceptable evidence as acceptable evidence would be
to actual evidence
if actual evidence existed.
The reason that Watson, not matter how closely he watched him,
could never comprehend how Holmes worked
was that Holmes worked entirely inside of Holmes.
(“Okay boy: are you holmes yet?”)

As he bopped down the street, swinging his briefcase, the man sang:
“Oh I’m not as young as I used to be,
nor yet as young as I plan to be.”

The Experience Of TheThang, Once Again Limned.
It’s that wondrous moment when there is no doubt
what life is about.
(As one man’s hormones would say to his neurons: “Transcendental THIS!”
[“Ha! Those little buggers can really be jokesters, can’t they?!”
No…..not really.])

The king of a land asked the man: “Are you strange and dangerous?”
“I am not from here — if that is what you mean.”

The coach announced: For the ordinary — floor gymnastics;
the rest of you — up on the rings.
(Mused one lad: “Thank god I have my health — and nothing else.”)

According to one myth: time said to space:
“Do not send a knight with a sword on a task that needs a computer.”
Whenever those alert to the nexus twixt their intangibles and the environment’s hardware come back around the block,
they’re always on a new skateboard.
Says the real warrior: “I did not come here to only come here once.”
The universal researcher needs no laboratory — he is it.

“I’ve had a neat new notion of what being civilized is.”
“It’s taking the idea of survival too seriously.”
“But how can you take the idea of survival too seriously?!”
“Yeah, I know — that’s what makes it so neat.”
Fact: No one can understand what DoingTheThing is save those doing it —
and even they don’t get it — until it’s TOO LATE!
(Lots of folks seem to enjoy a bit of melodramatics.)

One man shouts:
“If you are startled by the fact that security guards, charged with protecting us,
get only minimum wage,
wait’ll you get a load of what’s going on with the thoughts in your mind.”
From one super civic view: the way consciousness is run in most men’s brains
makes the corruption of entrenched political machines seem like tea time.

The poor hate the rich,
the dumb hate each other,
and the weak hate themselves — and they are all intelligent enough not to realize it.
A Symbolic Saga From The Sea.
While hunting for large, whale-like information,
one man lost a leg in the effort,
and now thinks with a limp.
Philistines see power as a matter of wealth
while artists perceive it in terms of intelligence;
philistines don’t care much for artists.
“Pa pa: does something similar go on between hormones and neurons?”
“In words, you can make it seem like it does,
but only fool eyes believe that North, or West resists the wind.
The hand-in-the-glove of man’s inner self from itself cannot be peeled.
(Aka as the land of: Live With It — a place few men can see, and fewer still, abide.)
Regarding Conventional Civility.
Even a man who seems sensitive and refined
can still piss on his foot when he’s out back of the cantina
taking a whiz with the rest of the guys.
Definition: Civilization: Elephants ruled by fleas.
(Oh — all right: Elephants with flea brains ruled by fleas.)
One man in a far fetched land named his horse:
If I Can’t Ride Me — Damn’f Anyone Else Will.

From Our: Book Of Alternative Myths.
As per one version: God did not drive Adam from the Garden on his two unruly feet, but rather folded him up into a neural, paper airplane and sailed him out,
which accounts for the fact that the Culture he subsequently created continues to float, un tethered to earthly reality.
And a reader writes: “I for one would appreciate it if you would leave me out of your questionable creation stories.” (And on the back of the envelope added:
“Truth is: I’d just as soon been left out of creation itself.”)
The opening speaker set the tone for the evening’s festivities by saying:
“Statistics don’t mean shit! — except to shit-heads.”
Another way whereby the differently conscious man has more fun than everyone else is that while the ordinary have only: entertainment — he has two forms thereof:
the kind they have — and the real kind.
Fiscal Affairs As Per Hormones & Neurons.
Money is to survival goods as respect is to fear; charity is to pack bonding,
and romance is to a post screwing cigarette.
Fishing with no hook, a man mused on the river bank:
“What would be the outcome if a nervous system knight actually completed his quest? — what would come after that?”
He watched the flowing water for a while, then revised the ponder:
“No — what would he DO after that?”
(and suddenly got a bite from a fish with no mouth).
Which caused another chap (a bit downstream) to asked himself:
“Past a certain point: what is the difference between being a health-nut,
and a hypochondriac?” — and his dog opened one eye and injected: “You mean like between: being asleep and driving yourself crazy talking about how asleep you are?!”
One man’s private perspective of all affairs in the city was summed in the words:
“Get a load of that!” (remembering, dear civics student, that the city is in your mind.)

A knight in another kingdom christened his steed:
Posture Means Nothing To A Dead Man.