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October 13, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

As the two sat reading the Culture Section of the city paper a father said to a son: “Someone in the creative arts who admits they have been influenced
by this or that other person’s work is not much of an artist, now would you say,
and multiply this multiple times when you move into the area of ideas.
If a man could compose a totally original piece of music, write a truly unique piece of fiction, or conceive of a wholly fresh religion or philosophy,
he would perforce, in the process, have to be shaken from the boggy fog in which men’s minds normally reside.
It is no simple matter to be original, in fact, ordinary men are incapable thereof,
but are able to ignore the fact.
It is well observed by men’s minds that every bit of life on this planet is
physically connected, but what is not accounted is that so is everything intangible
that exists only in men’s minds;
there is not only a food web — but also an idea web,
and not only can matter not be created — neither can ideas.

So (you want to ask): how can people like us ever have the ideas sufficiently original
to lead us out of, and beyond the common state of human consciousness?
Theoretically it should not be possible, but as everyone knows,
life produces physically anomalies, and in our case, some of a less obvious nature.
Those who appear in life who have a desire to understand what is going on
in a way unknown to ordinary men, are not mental anomalies in the sense that
the majority thinks of as being insane; their brains are capable of thinking about things in whatever be the prevailing, conventional manner, and they are not socially mis-wired to make them unable to function in their community in a normal manner.
Their anomaly could be said to be that they have,
in addition to all of the standard features of a fully operational mind,
a non standard one:
a desire to grasp what being a human being with thoughts in the brain is all about
in a way that they quickly discover is not shared or even apparently understood by those ordinary people around them.

So! — such people as us my boy, are both ordinary and quite not,
and from this simple verbal description (which is not at all ill conceived)
it should be clear that if you exercise, listen-to only that part of your brain/mind which you have in common with everyone else,
you will never understand any more than everyone else does —
which for our family line is totally inadequate.
What you must do is activate and pursue the workings of that:
in-addition-to bit of mind native to us —
only it can generate ideas sufficiently original to afford the unconventional comprehension you seek.

But! — the question still stands (you say): How to produce ideas that are truly original? Picture the situation with dual facets,
(which is why I initially presented the query as being:
‘How can you have ideas sufficiently original to lead you out of, and then beyond
the common state of human consciousness?’
Now concentrate your attention on the first part:
ideas to lead you out of humanity’s normal web of thinking:
with this perspective, you have a place to begin.

No one can stand here and describe what a totally original idea would be,
if they could, it would by its very definition, be so disconnected to any a
lready known idea as to be incomprehensible: it would sound like gibberish),
but what is conceivable is that even if no one can say what a wholly original idea
would be, you can confidently say that it would not be any idea currently known.
It is like wanting to go to a place no one has ever gone to before,
so obviously no one knows anything about the place, and cannot describe any
of its features: it is total unknown! — except for this one piece of indisputable info:
it has none of the features of the place you are now — so:
even if you do not presently have the ideas needed to take you inwardly to
this completely new place you want to go and you do not even know what they are — so you can’t even go looking for them, you know this much:
that none of the ideas you or anyone else now talks about are of any value.
(Quite undervalued my lad is being able to recognize absolute stupidity:
a feat beyond the talent of ordinary minds,
indeed they are by their normal programming, barred from such admission
[‘twould be disastrous to man’s cultural world]),
only the man-who-knows-what-is-going-on can absorb this.)

The ordinary part of your mind cannot be taught the reality of this;
you are either born with that anomalistic extra part, and thus the potential to grasp it,
or you are not, and nothing will change the situation,
but even with the few, every neural impulse they waste on repeating an idea
they have heard (an artist being influenced)
is another second they will stay in the dark and away from the goal for which
they were born with such a hunger,
(you can’t be imbibing, and at the same moment practicing abstinence — it’s simple enough).

You begin to find your way to the wholly new and unknown inner land by first abandoning — totally ignoring all ideas about — everything said about —
where you are now.
Once you’re over this completely useless activity,
that extra part of your mind can begin (as it were) — to speak to you,
then you need no guru, no book, no teaching or direction from anyone —
indeed you are no longer a customer for unwitting instructions in:
How To Cover Up Your Own Eyes/I’s.
Now finally, the creative eyes/I’s latent in that additional part in your mind
can begin to breathe and express themselves to your consciousness.

Ah! — what a day my boy — what a day.

Hand me the funnies.” (What’s left.)