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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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July 18, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

You’re Under Arrest.

Hormones will make you run —

neurons will make you to try to explain why.
“Bad boy, bad boy.”


From their view: everyone’s cup is either half empty, or half full,
but the certain man skirts this problematicism by refreshing himself from his own shoe.
(A tacit motto of: “I only think where I can step.”)


The freshly united brothers, along with the distantly related, recently murdered body, made a sudden break for the open highway,
(“We only go where we know we shouldn’t.”
This is why the rebel always rents the vehicle, but owns the ass he sits in it on.)
“The method I used to get here is all mine — but don’t ask me to describe it —
the attempt could snap me back.”
And there is one man whose mind is so long that most women won’t go out with him.
“Yeah! — that’s what I’ve always wanted: thoughts that are scared of my mind.”
“Query: how do you determine that your mind is ferocious?”
“Truth?! — no native thoughts will hang around with it.”
“Pardon — but I don’t get it.”


Timid dogs will follow an aggressive one,
sheep will submit to a shepherd,
and weak genes will ride the wake of healthy ones — the question is:
To run the great race: to what expansive intellectual force will your mind give chase?
(Note: man’s cultural institutions assure him that no such decision is necessary
to live a fully normal life —
could this be because they cannot provide such a force?)


When asked why he became a cop, one guy replied:
“Because you get to push people around and make ‘em like it,”
then an associate injected: “I joined up since it is the one occupation where you can laugh at your customers’ unfortunate circumstances, and it is considered to be good job-related, mental therapy.”

“Bad boy, bad boy — ha ha, ha ha!”

In spite of the logic prevailing in a three dimensional reality:
there is a secret way of having your cake and eating it too —
and all that is necessary to accomplish it is just some small tweaking to
your perception of the consumption of intangibles.


The weak of mind like to reminisce –
the dead of head love to talk about how good things used to be,
and a son asked his father:
“Is there some simple rule-of-thalamic-thumb I could use
to get me through such as this?” and his pa pa replied:
“Indeed — do this: whatever you see to be the habits and attitudes acceptable to
ordinary people, say in that regard to yourself silently and with no rancor allowed:
‘Fuck all that’ — see: that will actually take your consciousness back to
where things were once unusually good.”


In certain circumstances, to especially sharpened eyes/I’s,
objects can appear vague, and only actions, clear and distinct.

All rebels are carried from the field on their shield of verbs — never nouns.
Meanwhile in the city, the featured speaker is being introduced: “Our guest today
is the renowned ophthalmologist, Dr. Helen Nipples who will speak on the topic:

‘How To Stare.’”


And one man muses: “Concerning the matter of: how good things used to be,
I think that must have been before the polarization into — me & thee” —
the origins of the divided imagery he notes comes from the mind’s sensation of there being an in-here, and an, out-there,
which results ultimately in the mental conception of life consisting entirely of:
I and not-I (from the previously presented Equation: I + not-I = everything),
“I” representing the conscious awareness of life inside of man,
and the “not-I” the physical realities of life apart from his normal awareness;
you can easily grasp how the mind’s splitting of everything into these two factions has assisted man’s refashioning of his environment to more congenially suit his needs,
(and who does not enjoy air conditioning), but from a certain outlier view
it has also instilled in his perception of himself and his human environment
a feeling of separation that is (from the minority view of a few)
not particularly beneficial, or at least helpful to a radical understanding of man and life.
Quite commonly do quite rational men treat their human counterparts as though
they are no more than a bit of the inanimate environment —
as if only the “I” part of The Equation is of any real importance compared to
the “not-I”; weighting one addend at even the total expense of the other
raises no questions in other situations where the “not-I” is a tree, or a chunk of coal, but when it is humans involved, who are mentally perceived to be nothing more than part of the insentient natural environment, and whose state may be freely altered, repositioned, even destroyed, as with a tree in the way of a proposed roadway,
it does become a problem, at least for the man trying to get to the bottom of things.
Ordinary minds may readily agree that men should not physically abuse, and misuse their fellow man, even though he may be an obstacle to some immediate material aim, and in the extreme, kill him because his culture, religion, or politics is different,
but they still accept as proper, if not dutiful, to try to change the other man’s mind regarding his choice of religion, politics, and cultural rituals, and this is where
(for the few) the unconventional challenge and extraordinary pay off resides.

The features of man’s everyday human-drama that seem confused, irrational, ironic, inexplicable are blown away with the right understanding of The Equation;
the correct realization of why the mind needs this tool, this expedient mental concept, and how it is employed to man’s collective benefit, and then the understanding of how ordinary minds continue to employ this dividing mental device when it serves
no physically demonstrative, profitable purpose;
the operational reality is that it does no harm to standard minds, and does keep
man’s cultural world churning, giving the ongoing sensation of progress therein,
but failure to personally recognize the uses, limits and consequences of
seeing man’s inner life (his second reality, and its external manifestations)
through The Equation (I + not-I = everything)
will bar a person from ever cutting through the din and glare,
and seeing to the far wall of what is actually going on with life.


While hitting some fly balls, the manager noted:
“One of the interesting features of establishing your own private league, and populating your team with only yourself,
is that your closer is also everyday, your starting pitcher.”

On the certain man’s playing field: what goes around doesn’t have to come around — since it goes nowhere to begin with.

“Hey! — are you blind! — I was clearly out on third —
long before I either got there or left.”
Such is lazy summer life in your home stadium.

“Hey! — are you deaf! — I clearly ordered me with out onions!”
Naked-on-a-plain-roll — what better description of the nervous system rebel —
a life of I & not-I with no ampersand betwix ‘em.