Jan Cox Talk 3013


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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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July 7, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Hormonally driven behavior no longer found acceptable in civilized settings
will be turned into a pronoun-based, objectified external foe:
only in man does the life force cause its spokesperson to verbally censure itself;
who pays the substantial price for a Ferrari and expects the thing to then berate them for spending such an exorbitant sum on an automobile (then again: who has as many diverse and surprising avenues for fun as does good old homo sapiensplashers?!)

Outside the city, in quite exotic neural orbits:
things that make sense — make no sense.

Many people are naked who don’t realize it.

During his infrequent invitations to royal receptions, the King’s Executioner
(after a toddy or two) was wont to slap strangers on the back and exclaim:
“The joys of hanging can scarcely be exaggerated!”

More Of Man’s Mouth Related Motivations, Mowed Under.
Feeling the need to either moan or rhapsodize about life is
proof one is not fully experiencing life.
(Put more crudely: dick-wringing poets have no more understanding of life than
they do their dick.)

One man suddenly described himself most aptly,
but don’t be too hard on him — he assures us that it was entirely inadvertent.

One of the most captious and ignored features of man’s spiritual and psychological perspectives of himself is that not only does he believe himself to have
unique problems — but that they are ultimately solvable —
and not so on both counts.

At an office building in the city, one fellow greeted another:
“I’ll bet your new job has made great changes in your life,”
and he replied: “Well, yes and no,” and the first man said:
“It can’t be both: it either did or didn’t?!” to which the second responded:
“You’re right of course, and truth is:
the new position didn’t have much of an impact at all on my life,
but admitting that sounds so much more boring than saying: ‘Well, yes and no.’”

After gaining a pretty good idea of what life is about,
especially as manifest in the upper end of his nervous system,
one man would respond to a certain persistent segment of the thoughts it fueled
in his mind with the declining comment: “I’m sorry: I don’t DO predictions.”
(FYI: he also maintained a similar position regarding history.)
Note to the super alert: the mind telling the nervous system what it will or will not do
is ludicrous — but so is quietly going along with it, oblivious to what is going on.

Since at the city intellectual level, men do not know what they are doing,
they like to appoint other men to be in charge of knowing:
all in all: the heartbeat of man’s cultural and spiritual reality.

The Garden And The Beginning Of Time.
It was not something conveyed by the first word that made it magic,
the first word was inherently magic in itself in that it tolled the ignition of man’s mind.

Anger in a man denotes two things:
that he is alive,
and that he is inferior in his understanding.

Health And Elimination.
Verbal dependent thoughts can back up on you —
but a homemade physic of clear consciousness will clean you right out.

A father offered this tip to a son:
“When it gets to a point where everything reminds you of everything else —
you’re gettin’ on with it.”

The concept of over-doing-it (such as setting your head ablaze on a bad hair day,
or taking chapped lips as an invitation to gargle paint thinner)
can be seen tied to the knightly notion of dragons not being for the purpose of slaying, but of riding into the all-revealing ground.
Those whose neurons have been spiritualized by city effects,
scan for gods in the clouds to explain their plight;
the certain man finds all he needs in dirt.

Many people are dead who don’t grasp the fact.

The first thing one man does every morning immediately upon awakening
is to remember something that he should have forgotten —
and then forget it for good.