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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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June 27, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Why So Much Archeological Stuff Disappears.
Many a civilization (speaking for its collective mortal components) has surveyed its neural surroundings and eventually declared: “If I can’t complain — I shan’t remain.”

Though ’tis easy for a magician to make vanish,
things which were ne’er there to begin with,
it still remains vexing for a man to do so regarding his mentally imposed self.
“Let’s all sing: ‘The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Imaginary Me.’”

The first weekend after Adam left The Garden,
and Odysseus realized he was not on course for home,
the inhabitants of the upper levels of man’s old tenement threw a party
where they all sat around and reminisced about the future.
As an upcoming old adage will have it:
“A man who wears a kilt — shouldn’t hang around long.”

Some Of Man’s Unrecorded History.
What is the first thing men always do immediately after blinking? —
they turn and walk off in the wrong direction, and someone says:
“But which IS the wrong direction?” — after blinking — EVERY direction.

Re A Certain Weakness Of The Eyes/I’s.
Men can see well enough into space, and believe they can into time,
(just shows how ability in one area doesn’t necessarily translate into another).

Science (And Then Some).
The main force running this universe is the opposing one.
“The one opposing what?”
Doesn’t matter.

One man pulled a trick quiz on himself by asking:
“What is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on man?” —
and not knowing the answer, he then gave it: “Being told you can always do better,”
and then presented another question:
“What is the key ingredient to keeping civilization going?” —
and again he was stumped and so answered again: “Same fraud.”
(He swore privately that he would never fall for this again.)

One bullet’s primary complaint with war is that on the battlefield
you can’t tell whether people have been shot, or have just fallen down.
(That may should read one man’s complaint?)

A chap offers: “Hearing someone explain their behavior on the basis that
it is what their religion, culture or any external source dictates
is the only thing in all of life that I find frightening. Is it just me?!”

One guy’s latest view is that when it gets to be real crunch-time,
all you can do is what you can do and then say:
“I leave it in the hands of god,” or: “Fuck it!”

Life has made a donation in your name to its favorite charity — itself,
the donation — you.
Fact: Justice is relative — which works out just fine, since so’s injustice.
Instead of a dog or cat for a pet, one man kept modifiers.
“So you see son, contrary to popular belief: the road-to-ruin is not paved —
since it is going nowhere.” (And the man with the modifiers added: “To speak of.”)

Science And Then Some: Revisited.
The main force running this universe is the opposing one.
“Instead of the universe, are you sure you don’t mean life?”

Trying to understand what is going on with life
without first understanding what is going on with your nervous system and mind
is like hearing an unidentifiable noise in your house late at night,
and the only way of determining what it is is to not investigate it.

Regarding Permanent Mental Residency.
A man with no needless resistance needs no address.

One man would preface all of his pithiest remarks by leaving the room.

Note: Dependence on thought when thinking is not understood
is the limitation of thought.

Hormones And Neurons In History.
The reason that Attila is better remembered than Plotinus
is that Attila didn’t take no shit.
“Even off himself?”
In the eternal struggle between man’s body and mind,
his body says: “What struggle?” while his mind whines: “Body doesn’t play fair!”
One man’s take in verse:
We live in our head,
and then in our bod,
this makes us weird,
which certainly seems odd!?!

The Selfishness Of Natural Domination.
Those who lead men look after their own interest first –
same as life does —
who is who the leaders follow —
how could it be otherwise.

A man with a true, self-formed self has no concern about, self esteem,
and another look at an earlier story:
a man with no address needs no address.

The publisher of the city paper sent around the following inner office edict:
“We will no longer pander to the dangerous intellectual instincts of the people:
henceforth, all offerings of editorial wisdom and insight must be clearly based on
either whining or sarcasm.”

One rebel left this message after he left:
“No matter how exciting the game — depend on scores to be boring.”

You can investigate the doings of others,
and you can investigate the words of others,
or you could look into something worthwhile.


Late Breaking Aeronautical News.
The limitations of a plane’s flying ability is determined by the pilot’s understanding of flight.
(Self delusion sails only in the sky of deluded self [read: mind.])