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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 23, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

There is a rhythm to life that is all but hypnotic;
with the body this presents no problem,
and in fact can provide distinct enjoyment,
but with the mind! — now there is where the certain man has a problem.
“Hey!” said one area of the realm, “I may be dumb, but I sure can dance!” —
and that it can,
but he trying to get to the bottom of things has more on his mind than his feet.
Fact: when he is not involved in survival related activity,
the conscious part of man’s nervous system is programmed to drift freely and unnoticed between a world of internal dreams and its awareness of physical reality;
with ordinary men, this is the life in the head to which they are accustomed,
and agreeable, but it is the very arrangement that bedevils the few.
And someone says: “What good is having imagination if it is not given free reign?!” –
and someone else sarcastically asks: “What is poking around at life
while insisting that it is not criticism ever going to accomplish?!”
As cognitionally clumsy as they may be, many men nonetheless
pass their intellectual free time doing the distracting tango:
listening with smugness to themselves trip the verbally fantastic,
(“trip over the verbally fantastic,” it would read in offshore, higher yield accounts).
Fact For The Few: certain parts of some machines perform best
when running in strict rhythm: the more mechanical the better;
certain parts are not all parts, and not all men hear the same music,
nor care to do the same dance.

When he heard someone warn that even things beneficial like medicines
can become habits, a man mused: “Well who would want to partake of anything
that didn’t have the possibility of being so!” (Then quickly said to his mind:
“And don’t you say anything cute!” )

Wanting to awaken is wanting the mind to do more than it is naturally set to do
(which is): to do something worthwhile when it has nothing worthwhile to do.

Beyond his instinctive physical habits, unnoted patterns are omnipresent
in the life of man, culturally, verbally and intellectually, and every other way.

At least in one respect is the city frugal: regarding thoughts —
about which its official policy is: “Recycle.”

All social-change is genetic, cellular, and temperament based.

One kid confronted his shaky sibling thus:
“If you find the idea of complete mechanicalness being the basis of life upsetting — consider the alternative.”

A man with fully developed mental competency
removes from his vocabulary the word, unfortunate.

Definition Time. Civilization (man’s collective mental life in the city):
the necessary making of the simple — sticky.
The true origin of man’s notion of a “lost paradise” came from the vague memory
the initially barren plains of his brain’s consciousness had of how things were in the nervous system before the appearance of thought & words,
and upon the loose use of which is also constructed the fable of Babel’s Tower
which is commonly blamed for the loss of the erstwhile paradise, but note:
without a situation in which thought & word can engage in activity of a
nonessential nature, man could have no dreams of a better situation;
without the ability to imagine he has lost a treasure — man would not seek one.
Contrary to the proverb: What goes around does not eventually come around,
but rather: only that with the capacity to endlessly go around ever comes around
in the first place, (comes around in man’s mind, that is).
“Why, good lord Holmes! — that makes the whole thing work out just right!”
“Correct, dear Watson — ain’t that a bitch.”

Man’s endless mental puzzlement over questions regarding: cause-&-effect
are not capable of being cleared without he understand that
ships arise spontaneously from the rhythmical pounding of the seas.

The Quizmaster reminded the contestants: “The first question was:
‘Is man animate or inanimate matter?’ — and the answer is: Yes,
the second question was: ‘Is man free, or a helpless part of a great machine?’ —
and again the correct response is: Si.”

Gaming News.
Anyone who ever says: “Why me?!” may as well cash in their chips now –
they will never be holding a winning hand.

One day after reading the term, single minded a man suddenly thought:
“The phrase doesn’t describe mind, but — single.
Humm……same as the mind doesn’t define words, but rather words do mind.”

Entertaining vs. Informing.
Regarding ordinary life, one man complains: “It is too long between commercials.”

One man went to an alternative medical facility wherein he had his tongue connected directly to his brain — boy — talk about your unnecessary surgery.
The attending physician later pondered the question of just how far can a ship’s keel get from the water — then suddenly slapped his forehead as his mind pointed out the irrational impossibility of it putting any distance between it and its liquid support.
What class of idiot can imagine an object being capable of any degree of separation from its natural environment?! — ridiculous! — and yet,
even though all parts of a machine are part of its total operation,
not all parts of a machine are directly connected TO all other parts;
the ongoing remembrance and use of that fact is the secret trick.

News From The Street.
One man discovered an unknown financial-instrument — it was a freak accident.
“What: his discovering it, or the instrument?”

One man wonders: “Why does everyone you get to know well
turn out to have a secret crazy something about them — except you?!”

When a situation tempts you to be sarcastic thereabout,
remember that
silence about same can result in you understanding instead of ridiculing it.