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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

You Either Get It Or You Don’t
“The joke, you mean?”
No one mentioned a joke.
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Covering The Planet Like Enlightening Dew Since Eighteen Hundred & Ninety Two

March 24, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

More desperately than anything does everyone want someone to tell them
what’s going on — the purpose of life — the point of it all;
you might think that what men most desperately want is to eat, but no —
the first words from a starving man’s mouth to a stranger will not be a plea for food,
but a cry to know why life has treated him so badly;
and specifically note: men do not want to KNOW what is going on —
they want someone else to TELL them what is going on;
for those OnTheCase, this can be a keystone clue to
the way man’s consciousness is put together and operates —
a non standard understanding of which solves all mysteries and answers all questions you and everyone else have about life.

Once men reached the point in their development wherein the thinking of consciousness became a prime element in their survival and civilization took root,
the free time then available away from the fields and hunting they filled with the
non essential trinkets of thought — what men now call, culture,
story telling forever in the forefront, followed by all of the so called arts,
with every one of them serving as a potential source to which men turn
for an explanation of the purpose of life.
Men’s pursuit of all pastimes (movies, novels, religion, gossip, talking about yourself) that are not intended to provoke laughter,
is them searching for someone else to tell them the point of human existence;
from a quite solid view, everything man does after his survival needs are met
is him looking — perhaps casually, perhaps vigorously — for someone
(through spoken or written word)
to reveal what is really going on in life and the purpose of all its vagaries
(from the routine human, mental perspective).

As is suited for the mind, at the core of all culture is story telling,
all of the arts begin as an attempt to reveal the secret goings on in man and life,
(men even take athletic activities and weave within them moralistic story lines,
continuing the search for a purpose to life into areas not normally considered to be of the arts).

Plainly and properly put for those who can see it:
after their basic, physical needs are fulfilled,
men turn their attention to one thing:
a search for someone to reveal to them the point of being alive;
this search is played out in various ways under sundry names,
but it is all the same thing:
a man in church,
a man at a movie,
a man engrossed in a novel,
a man at a poetry reading, a new age lecture,
an investment seminar
a man trying to find the spiritual message of a painting,
a sculpture, a building, a monument, a moment in history, a piece of serious music,
a man in psychological counseling,
a man telling someone what he thinks,
or talking about what someone else has said they do,
they are all engaged in the exact same thing and nothing else:
they are trying to find someone to tell them the purpose of being alive,
beyond that of simply staying alive.
This all inclusive statement cannot be proven, nor even made visible to ordinary minds: you either realize its accuracy when you hear, or you do not and never will,
but from the uncommon inner perspective of those few souls born with the mental hunger to really get to the bottom of things — FOR THEIR SELF —
nothing is clearer than the fact that more desperately than anything,
does everyone want someone to tell them what’s going on —
the point of it all — the purpose of life,
and after the urbanized are fed, sheltered and rested,
every single thing they do after – usually beyond their awareness —
is an effort to find this explanation,
even though it may appear they look in the strangest of places,
the places are all the same: it is consciousness looking at itself –
peering at the fruits of its own creation;
in church, men are not hearing messages from gods,
but from their own consciousness —
from their own consciousness endlessly speculating on who/what consciousness is, and what be its purpose in being and in being aware of itself.

The search by 99.99999% of humanity goes no deeper than their
perfunctory participation in the public activities above noted –
such is all that is required to satisfy them;
the .00001% are left scrambling for themselves,
and they too are genetically tilted to look for someone among their kind
to tell them what is going on with man and with life,
and few of them ever go further than this.

Here is how it is for the certain man determined to understand all that a
human being can understand:
it is not possible for another human to tell you what is going on — the secret,
the purpose of life;
everything that a man-who-knows, knows
came from his own consciousness and from nowhere else,
and no one can actually tell you even this (not in the sense that the words will cause you to suddenly see the reality of the situation) –
even seeing that no one else can tell you the point to life, you must see for yourself;
what could be fairer than that –
“Yes, I am an idiot, but too dumb to realize it” (or for those of you more sensitive):
“Yes, I am deaf, therefore unable to be told that I am.”

There are but two operating avenues for your mind:
to take the ideas sent to it automatically by the Great Thought Machine,
ideas which are shared by mankind collectively,
and accepted as the final statement of reality,
or to be informed by your own consciousness;
the first requires no instruction or effort — it comes natural to man;
the second is unnatural and also cannot be taught, but demands extraordinary effort;
the closest there is to any practical instruction is to turn your back on the former situation, and scramble as best you can to get in touch with the latter one.

Nothing will awaken you from the mind’s tendency to dream and distract —
but your own consciousness;
nothing any other human can tell you will take you from inner darkness and uncertainty into enlightenment — this can only come through your own consciousness;
as long as you take seriously the inherent ideas in your mind which say that you
must find and must have someone to tell you the purpose, meaning and secret of life, you are doomed to nothingness — indeed,
the worst thing that could happen to a would-be rebel is for him to believe that he has been so instructed by some other human:
dead by the imagined hand of salvation.

Your own consciousness is all there is to give you the final big tamale, and the sooner you come to grips with that fact the……and the talking being done here about it
will not affect whether you do or not, so mentioning it is useless,
but the sentence had already been started.

“So — you say: the point-quad-zero-per-centers are pretty well left
scrambling for themselves, eh?!…………..hummm — sounds okay to me.”