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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Your Foot On The Gas — A Rocket Up Your Ass

February 7, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Local affairs are run by the collective,
same as an ordinary man’s mind is by the thoughts he was born with;
to become self-headed and see what is going on behind the dust constantly stirred
by the herd’s aimless milling requires you discover how to give up — give-up, hell! —
ABANDON — man’s normal mental birthright —
“impossible” you say?! — well, you’ll certainly get no disagreement from the herd.

Only cows can prophesy (it’s assumed you get-the-point without elaboration.)

A lack-of-time is but one weapon in the arsenal of a dead man.
“Daddy, when I grow up can I be a dead man?”
“Grow up properly and you won’t have to be.”

Within certain areas of the collective mentality, words can be their own reward, ah, what the hell — their only reward.
“Daddy, how come everybody is not their own reward when they grow up?”
“Well, do you think the lack of them mentally ever doing so
might have something to do with it?”

In herd life, internal strife is believed caused by external forces;
(e.g.): barbed wire = cow neuroses,
“Daddy, how is this applicable to me?”
“Cows ask questions that only a mother cow could love,” replied the father,
sticking out his tongue in rejection of the query.

(Expansion of earlier story).
External strife IS caused by internal forces — there’s your fact of the matter
(for what good it’ll do you).

Only cows can prophesy — which is fine if the future is but bovine.

(Expansion of a previous expansion).
External strife and internal strife can become confusingly similar when external forces and internal ones have drawn too near one another.
“Daddy, I don’t get that one at all.”
“Don’t stand too close to yourself.”
Every minute in which a rebel is engaged in seeing through, over, under & beyond authoritative thinking is sixty seconds well spent.
All city institutions are under the control of:
The Arbitrary Board Of Blandness; Samuel J. Sameness, Director.
Commercial News. If you feel the need to defend your business when others question it, you do not have a business — but rather an extension of your own shortcomings.
Combination Puppetry & Con Job News.
Only jerks can be jerked-around.
A cow, here and there,
making jokes in church,
and humming Haydn at inappropriate times,
does not a real individual make.
With the few, there is a difference between rebellion and defensive offensiveness.
Only the ig-no-rent,
are be-lige-o-rent.
Since everyone is contained in the collective,
it can allow some to harmlessly wish they weren’t.
(If there’s one thing a true individual ain’t it’s, harmless – which is why by law, they can’t be seen.)
One father was so strict with his son that he wouldn’t even warn him for the first time.
“And Daddy, when I grow up that’s how I want to be with myself.”
“Yeah — don’t we all.”
It’s easy to say: “I know that” — after you know that.
Another scientific law, too good for the many – too good to overlook for the few:
sometimes it rains when it really doesn’t have to.
Note: giving the mind the illusion of choice helps keep it busy and out of trouble.
No matter what occurs, this one man always says the same thing
(he is either definitely not from around here, or else most definitely is
[all depending on, you-know-what]).
“Daddy, what happens if you don’t know what?”
“Can you say, ‘Moo’,”
and a reader writes: “Many of your news stories make me laugh,
and the best part is — there’re not funny.”
There is a kind of humor available only to those with non partisan sight;
official humor is always weighted and thus aggressive;
only thoughts free of vested interest can give full vent to good cheer.
In neighborhoods throughout the city,
there is no greater glee than in hearing about the misery of others.
More Re: The Mind & Facts cf. Rock Hard Reality.
Vocal enthusiasm is to facts as always-silent certainty is to acts;
not only does the certain man not say what he is doing,
he also understands that to do so would wreck his proper doing
(the only thing resembling hostile-humor in the rebel’s head is that collaterally resulting from
the retrieval of a momentarily misplaced mirror).
The mayor of one city told an intern:
“The most important thing for an urban gentleman is image –
second most is, staying-alive,”
(the correct interpretation of city etiquette is often only grasped whilst standing on one’s head).
A real rebel with an actual mission takes no prisoners —
those with a faux one take everyone they meet.

The State Priest told the King that his recent reversals, calamities,
and all around bad luck were due to him having been beset by a,”host-of-demons,” and His Grace mused:
“Well, they sure were lousy hosts.”

Men who proudly say that they, don’t-know-much, and then add,
but at least know that they don’t know anything — don’t know anything.


Those who, stoop-to-conquer
end up stooping a lot .