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August 23, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

You would be off in the right direction for seeing
if you would but get, and keep clear in your mind the fact that
man not only lives in two separate realities: a verbal one, and a molecular one,
but that they operate by entirely different rules —
a fact you normally never consider — a blinding oversight.

Everyone’s ordinary state of consciousness is where the two realities meet,
and in those of no understanding, merge and overlap to such a degree
as to become indistinguishably one;
a routine man makes no on going differentiation between things he speaks of which exist only in words, and those he mentions which have material substance,
and once settled in this situation, he perforce does not take notice that the two
intrinsically separate realities play by wholly different rules,
and without this basic, correct perspective,
the game going on appears to men, contorted, chaotic, and with no clear goal;
simply realizing that the two realities operate by two different sets of rules
will instantly start to aright your sight and cause you to comprehend.

Do not approach this thinking that one of the realities is true & real,
and the other one fallacious & imaginary –
to the minds of all ordinary men, they are equal in reality and validity,
and indeed, generally is no distinction between the two different realms
ever thought about,
and once past this small hurdle, men’s thoughts never then take into account
that the two separate realities play by different rules,
which results in them seeing the game going on at a distinct disadvantage.
As though the rules governing soccer and American football had been
unannouncedly combined
so that a soccer player can, to his surprise and delight, now hold & run with the ball
as in football, and can also, to his dismay, be tackled,
and the footballers are disoriented to discover that the soccer players can
keep kicking the ball and it stays in play even after it has touched the ground,
and are startled to learn that play never stops for downs or injuries;
and picture that the two teams, playing two entirely different games,
are together on a field completely immersed, entangled & engaged in —
— by all appearances — a common game,
thus surely one with uniform rules and a single goal,
but under the conditions just described —
do you see what a specious event this would be:
when looked at without knowledge of what had occurred before the game
concerning the commingling of their previously separate rules of play,
nothing would make sense to any soccer or football fan.
This is your position, trying to make sense of the life of man & yours individually;
day & night, year in & out, you live simultaneously, yet unnoticingly, in two different realities which operate by two different sets of rules,
but the thoughts life normally provides to your mind
make no distinction in this matter —
verily, it (by all functional appearances) is not even aware of this most salient fact.
A perfectly sane, educated, sophisticated mind will, without blinking an eye,
speak of morality with the same sense of gravity and substantial reality
as it will melons,
and the thoughts that magically & automatically always pop into your mind
as soon as the momentary present one departs speak of human motivations
in the same tone of material seriousness as they do about a gunshot wound;
in the world of words — words are not prejudiced;
they make no distinction between themselves and aliens
(things which have an existence separate from words);
on their home turf — words favor no team over the other –
words treat both teams — both realities — equally,
forsooth, their lack of prejudice reaches such an outstanding pitch that they
do not even recognize any difference between the two, clearly different teams,
obviously playing by different rules, and plainly with different goals –
now that is what you have to call: Real Sportsmanship — True Impartiality –
but for a man wanting to see through the dust & din being stirred up by
the confused on-field-play, another term comes to mind: Unalloyed Inanity.

As long as you remain mentally wall eyed, and blind to the set up,
you foolishly expect (like everyone else) for verbal reality and the molecular variety
to play by the same rules;
from one iron-pants view, doing this is the source of every confusion, question,
and uncertainty any man ever has;
the understanding and acceptance that the sea plays by one set of rules,
and the god Neptune, another clears up everything
………(well, that and observing that the sea is outside of you and Neptune in).


……only one thing can stop your mind from seeing — something in the mind.